Matcha Oreos

Matcha Oreos

These matcha-flavored Oreos are a fun and vibrant twist on the classic snack cookie.

Whipped Matcha Butter

Eat your matcha tea with this quick and easy whipped butter recipe—the matcha gives the butter a subtle earthy taste.

The Fruit and the Folly

This warm and comforting beverage combines the freshness of Peach Blossom White Tea with the seasonal flavors of bourbon and rosemary.

Cocoa Mint Latte

Cozy up with this drink made with sweet Cocoa Mint tea and fresh-made espresso.
Sparkle Spice Matcha Tea Recipe

Sparkle Spice Matcha

Fruity, spicy, and sparkly, this refreshing drink is easy to make and easier to drink.
Spicy Chaider Caramel Sauce

Spicy Chaider Caramel Sauce

This rich caramel sauce incorporates apple cider and spicy masala chai tea to create a sumptuous addition to any dessert.
Lavender Matcha Fizz

Lavender Matcha Fizz

An energizing blend of peppermint, lavender, sage, and matcha combine in this vibrant drink.

Weeping Maple

Seasonal flavors of cinnamon, plum, maple, and whiskey are combined in this iced drink that’s perfect for winter or the holidays.

Black Tea Granita

Use this Earl Grey Tea and China Breakfast Tea granita as a topper for ice cream or other holiday desserts.
Matcha drink from above with candy canes and marshmallows

Buddy's 4 Food Groups

Classic holiday flavors like peppermint, candy cane, and white chocolate blend to create a warm and tasty drink fit for an elf.

Chai Spiced Bacon

Masala chai and chaga mushroom chai teas are blended to create a spicy and seasonal marinade for salty bacon.

The Poinsettia

A cinnamon and cranberry syrup combines with Champagne, Prosecco or Cava for a festive, fun, and easy-to-drink holiday cocktail.
A jar of spiced cranberry pear sauce spread on bread

Spiced Cranberry-Pear Sauce

Cranberries, pears, and a touch of brandy make this a holiday sauce ideal for spreading on brea, crackers, meats, and other foods.


Get in the holiday spirit with this drink that blends matcha, apple cider, oat milk, and cinnamon.
Woman pours tea over matcha powder in bowl

Licorice Root Okumidori Shot

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