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Clean & Green Teas

These teas and botanicals offer a lush, herbaceous flavor profile and invigorating energy.




What Rishi Tea Drinkers
Are Saying

"This is by far the best Earl Grey tea I have had. I drink a lot of tea and only drink Rishi Earl Grey. You will love the flavor. "


Earl Grey Supreme

Rich | Citrusy | Floral

"I don't believe there is a better green tea you can get in a bag. The evidence is in the bright, even, grassy green color this tea makes."


Matcha Super Green

Sweet | Smooth | Umami

"I love this tea - the richness of it is amazing, and it relaxes me with the ginger and turmeric. Such a winner :)"


Turmeric Ginger

Spicy | Zesty | Fragrant

"This tea is absolutely amazing! I feel immediate uplifting effects after consuming. Rishi has the best quality tea that I have found on any shelf thus far."


Blueberry Hibiscus

Vibrant | Tart | Luscious

"This is seriously the BEST chai concentrate out there. It's incredible and has such a great spice. I'll never go back to another brand."


Masala Chai Concentrate

Spicy | Rich | Fragrant

"This is my first tasting of oolong tea and I'm in love! It's flavor is delicate yet robust and floral. Absolutely delicious, my new favorite tea."


Iron Goddess of Mercy

Roasty | Dried Fruit | Smooth

"Delicious and satisfying. It's delicate enough to drink without doctoring but also bold enough to hold up to cream and honey. An absolute delight."


Golden Yunnan

Malty | Jammy | Mellow

Carefully Crafted and Nuanced to Perfection

All of our different types of green teas have been meticulously cultivated and crafted with care. Each clean, green tea undergoes a special firing process that halts oxidation and maintains the tea’s vibrant colors and herbaceous flavors. Stopping the tea from fully oxidizing gives these teas a gentle, uplifting energy that’s calming yet allows you to focus. Explore our collection of premium matcha teas showcasing savory umami notes or our elevated Chinese varieties highlighting delicate and floral flavors. 

How to Brew Clean & Green Teas

Since the different types of green teas in this collection are not fully oxidized, they are more delicate than black teas. This means they should be brewed at a slightly lower temperature and steeped for a shorter amount of time, to avoid any bitterness or astringency. When brewing our botanical blends, your water temperature should also be lower. We recommend reviewing each product's brewing instructions to brew the perfect cup.


Our clean-tasting green teas contain varying amounts of caffeine. A typical cup of green tea usually has less caffeine than a cup of coffee, but the caffeine levels in matcha can rival coffee. If you’re interested in swapping your morning coffee with tea, explore our collection of high caffeine teas.

Yes. In fact, all types of green tea can be used to make both iced and cold-brewed teas. If you’re looking for a refreshing cold tea with lower caffeine levels, consider cold brewing your tea. Teas brewed with cold water release less caffeine than those made with hot water, but the longer you steep your tea, the stronger your cup will be.

Green teas are known for having more delicate flavors, especially baked or roasted tea varieties from China. Japanese teas are steamed, which gives them a savory umami quality that goes perfectly with food. However, if you brew tea in water that’s too hot and let it steep for too long it might become astringent and slightly bitter.

Teas for Wellness

Long before tea became the popular beverage of today, it was primarily connected to wellness practices. In many traditional Eastern cultures, tea is still used to promote health and well-being. At Rishi, we believe tea nourishes the mind, body and soul. We mindfully crafted our collection of detox teas to revitalize and cleanse the body. Enjoy one of our organic herbal blends alongside your favorite healthy meals or right before bedtime. Relax with a soothing cup of Rishi tea today.