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Browse this selection of matcha and other tea powders, as well as caffeine-free herbal powders with unique flavors and origins. Whisk traditionally or with a frother for a sublime next taste experience.



Matcha Tea Powders and More 

From traditional ceremonial and barista-grade matcha teas to unique botanical powders, Rishi Tea & Botanicals offers an exquisite assortment of powders to help you create the perfect beverage. Whisk traditionally or use an electric frother to get a rich, silky texture in your matcha or try your hand at more advanced tea beverages with our easily dissolved powders. Experience a whole new world of tea.

How to Brew Tea Powders

Even if tea bags are the only type of tea you’re used to preparing, our powders are easy to prepare. For matcha powders, we suggest using 1 teaspoon of matcha with 2.5 ounces of hot (not boiling) water, and whisking vigorously for 10-15 seconds. This will result in a silky, frothy matcha concentrate that can be added to hot water or milk for a delicious matcha beverage!

For our other powders, we suggest mixing 2 tablespoons of powder with 8 to 12 ounces of warm water. You can then serve these teas over ice or added to other drinks to create a unique beverage.


Matcha is a Japanese style tea, grown in specialized shade gardens and processed using traditional techniques. Matcha is incredibly high in caffeine and features an earthy, floral taste unmatched by other teas.

Barista matcha is intended to be mixed with milk just like at your favorite café. Barista matcha is high in caffeine and matcha flavor, but more affordable than ceremonial options, making it ideal for cooking or mixing with other bold flavors.

While it certainly improves the quality and process of preparing matcha, a whisk (chasen) and bowl (chawan) are not explicitly necessary. You can achieve a similar process with an electric frother, though the stainless steel of some frothers can affect the flavor somewhat.

Get Everything You Need to Make Amazing Matcha

Don’t have all the equipment you need? Don’t worry! Rishi Tea & Botanicals offers curated and purpose-built matcha teaware to help you get started on your tea journey. Prepare any variety of matcha powder in wood, porcelain or natural clay matcha vessels. Perfect for seasoned tea brewers and newcomers alike.