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How to Make Ceremonial Matcha

How to Make Ceremonial Matcha

Learn how to prepare ceremonial matcha in the traditional style with Japanese tea master Ryo Iwamoto.


November 15, 2023


Rishi Tea





Begin by sifting matcha—always sift the matcha for the best texture and taste.



Add approximately 1 teaspoon (2 grams) of matcha to the tea bowl (chawan), using a tea scoop (chashaku)

Heat Water & Pour


Bring water to a boil. Cool to 165°F. Pour about 2 oz of water over the matcha.  Water is boiled and then cooled to remove any chlorine that may effect the taste. To cool water more quickly pour it into a water cooling pitcher.



Remove whisk from warm water. Shake off excess. Hovering just above the bottom of matcha bowl, whip vigorously with the wrist, using a back-and-forth motion in the shape on the letter M until the tea is sufficiently aerated and a fine, creamy foam forms on the surface, approximately 15-25 seconds. Use whisk to remove larger bubbles and to smooth out surface.

Serve & Enjoy


According to Japanese tea culture, to serve politely, the tea bowl is shown on all sides and is served with best side forward.

How to Brew Tea

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