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Individual herbs are chopped, crushed, ground, or pounded by Rishi artisans to release their essential characters. We offer masala chai tea as well as other culinary-inspired chai blends, including caffeine-free chai.



Perfectly Spiced Organic Chai Teas 

Taste the fragrant and spiced profile of Rishi Tea & Botanicals’ organic chai teas and blends. Enjoyed multiple times daily across India, every family has their own classic spice mixture (called masala) that brings a uniquely fragrant, peppery, and complex cup that pairs excellently with milk and sugar. You can find loose leaf chai teas, bulk tea bags, chai tea concentrates, and even caffeine-free options, to fit any lifestyle. Browse our options of classic and modern chai blends and find a new favorite.

How to Brew Organic Chai Tea 

Chai is traditionally prepared on a stovetop, using more aggressive and rigorous brewing methods than Western tea brewing. Mix 2 tablespoons of chai per cup of water, and bring to a boil for two minutes. Add 1 cup of milk (or non-dairy substitute) and simmer once again for 3-5 minutes, before straining into a mug or cup. For a classic street-side preparation, froth the tea by repeatedly passing it between two pitchers and serve in a glass cup.


Traditionally, chai is prepared with Assam tea from Assam, India — although other black teas can be substituted for a different profile.

Certainly! Although chai blends are well suited to dairy milk, they can be enjoyed with a non-dairy milk substitute, or simply black.

While each region of India has their own unique spice blend, the most classic spices include ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and clove.

Absolutely! You can either cold-brew your loose leaf chai tea or steep it hot and serve it over ice. For a more effortless preparation, use our ready-made chai tea liquid concentrate!

Enjoy Classic Brews from Around the World

Chai isn’t the only regional specialty we carry. Rishi Tea & Botanicals is dedicated to the worldwide enjoyment of tea, featuring unique and special preparations of tea from all over the world. Try our powdered matcha options for a classic Japanese tea, or get a hold of gongfu teapots and cups to explore global traditions in excellent tea. Regardless of where you want to go with your tea, Rishi Tea has a ticket to travel.