A dash of red chili in addition to a double dose of our famously spicy ginger combines to create an unabashedly warming chai experience.

Classic masala flavors with the warming

addition of chili flakes and ginger

About this tea

Do you love your chai hot and extra spicy? Spicy Masala Chai is designed for you. We doubled the concentration of ginger compared to our original blend, and added a dash of red chili to take it to the next level. Classic aromatic accents of cloves, cinnamon and cardamom add traditional richness and depth.


Rishi Herb Lab


Origin Guatemala
Origin Mizoram, India
Origin Vietnam
Black Pepper
Origin India

Caffeine Level


Based on a 8oz cup of tea made with suggested steeping method relevant to the tea type. An average cup of coffee contains about 90 – 120 mg / 8oz cup.

0 MG
100 MG
  • Imperial
  • Metric
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Doi Chiang Dao

Northern Thailand

There are tea growing villages and areas of forest tea all over the Doi Chiang Dao region between Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand. Once part of a greater Dai Kingdom that spanned the regions of Burma, Yunnan, parts of Laos, Northern Thailand is part of a rich history of tea culture that has brought Chinese tea practices and traditions to the area. Home to widespread old growth tea forests, Doi Chiang Dao is an amazing source of oolong, red and Pu’er teas.

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