Our organic Earl Grey combines robust and fruity Thai black tea with mellow, caramel sweet Yunnan Dian Hong. This original blend perfectly complements the floral high notes of geranium and rose found in our first-pressing bergamot essential oil.

Smooth and lively with the unique

citrusy, floral aroma of bergamot oranges

About this tea

A British tea classic, Earl Grey is the most widely enjoyed black tea blend in the world. Earl Grey dates back to the nineteenth century tea trade when Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl Grey, was presented with a gift of Taitaicha—tea scented with citrus blossoms—during his travels in Canton. After Grey returned home, his namesake tea became wildly popular when the tea salons of Europe infused black teas with the essence of the bergamot citrus fruit that grows in Reggio Di' Calabria, Italy.

We’ve crafted our premium Earl Grey using naturally sweet and smooth black teas from Yunnan and Thailand, accented with the first early winter pressing of bergamot essential oil which has the most delicately floral and citrusy aromatics.


Rishi Herb Lab


Origin Reggio Di Calabria, Italy

Caffeine Level


Based on a 8oz cup of tea made with suggested steeping method relevant to the tea type. An average cup of coffee contains about 90 – 120 mg / 8oz cup.

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100 MG
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Earl Grey tastes lovely on its own, and it is divine with a touch of honey or accompanied by lavender scones or other delicately sweet pastries.

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Origin: Bergamot


Italy, Europe

The Bergamot Orange is a special variety of intensely tart, aromatic and bitter citrus that grows in Calabria, Italy. It has a one of a kind aroma and is harvested for its essential oil which is cold pressed in an ancient and natural way. The essential oils are used in confections, liquors, ice creams, medications to control cholesterol, sodas, tonic waters, perfumes and cosmetics. Most notably, Bergamot Citrus is the key ingredient of Earl Grey Tea. Rishi Earl Grey only uses the pure, cold pressed essential oil from Italian Bergamot and unlike other Earl Grey teas in the market , we never use flavors, extracts or imitations.

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