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Calming & Restful

Relax and unwind after a long day with these calming and relaxing teas, low in caffeine and perfect for a little “me time.”



Herbal Teas and Botanical Blends for Relaxation

Relax and unwind with an excellent brew from Rishi Tea & Botanicals. This collection features low-caffeine herbal, green, and botanical teas to help you reset and come back to yourself. Select from calming chamomile teas to mellow mint teas, and even botanical mixes featuring unique flavors and aromas. No matter what your day brings, Rishi Tea & Botanicals has a brew to help you take a moment for yourself.

How to Use Calming and Relaxing Teas

Available as loose leaf, sachet, or ready-to-drink beverages, these teas are great for any time of day, but most tea drinkers prefer to enjoy them in the evening or before bedtime. The rich flavors and calming aromas of these teas are purposefully blended to promote relaxation and ease of mind, helping you to curate the perfect mood for your evening. We suggest looking at each product page to find the proper brewing ratios and temperatures for your specific tea, but in general you can brew 1-2 tablespoons of tea leaves with 8 ounces of water, adjusting for taste.


In addition to the relaxing flavors and aromas in your cup, teas derived from the Camellia sinensis plant also contain L-Theanine, a natural compound known to relax the nervous system and relieve stress.

Most of the teas in this collection are caffeine-free, but a small variety of herbal and green teas in this collection do have some lower levels of caffeine. You can find the specific caffeine content of each tea on the individual product pages.

In addition to lacking caffeine, chamomile teas also contain apigenin, a natural compound that has provided some people with calming and relaxing feelings. 

Teas for Resetting and Meditating

No matter your lifestyle, Rishi Tea & Botanicals curates teas to fit. Try our relaxing herbal teas for a restful night, meditation and focus teas for mental clarity, or our fortifying teas to get you back on your feet. Rishi Tea has hundreds of curated and house-blended teas for you to try, perfect for self-care or simple enjoyment. Browse our tea store and find the tea blend for your lifestyle.