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Caffeine Free

Discover our collection of naturally caffeine-free herbal teas and pure botanicals, perfect for evening or for anyone looking to avoid caffeine.



Herbal and Botanical Blends for Any Time

Enjoy delicious tea without the caffeine. Rishi Tea & Botanicals offers caffeine-free herbal tea blends, perfect for when you need a hot brew without all the extra energy. Our non-caffeinated teas are blended in-house to provide exquisite flavors and aromas, resulting from our wide variety of herbal teas, botanicals and spices that come together as bright, relaxing, and aromatic teas that will be sure to satisfy. 

How to Brew Caffeine-Free Teas

Our non-caffeinated teas may be delicate in flavor, but they require slightly longer brewing times to extract the fullest flavor from the tea. For these teas, we suggest brewing 1.5 tablespoons of tea with 12 ounces of very hot water, steeping for around 5 minutes. This longer steep time results in a more floral, concentrated and aromatic brew to express the best notes of the tea.


Typically, yes. Since many herbal varieties are made from flowers and other plants not from the Camellia sinensis plant, they tend to be caffeine-free. However, there are certain specific herbs like yerba mate that do contain caffeine.

Most teas come from East and South Asia, such as China, India and Sri Lanka. Since herbal teas tend to be made from other plants and non-tea botanicals, many of their ingredients are grown all around the world. Discover where we source our ingredients from by exploring our interactive origins map

Unlike traditional teas, the herbs and flowers used in these blends do not require oxidation to achieve their proper flavor. Typically, botanical ingredients are simply dried and expertly blended.

Botanical Blends for Any Time of Day

Want to try more unique teas without any extra buzz? Rishi Tea & Botanicals offers a wide array of botanical blends and carbonated teas that are a perfect way to bring a unique spin to your tea habit. Whether you’re looking for a fruity tonic to have with dinner or a bright, flowery blend for your morning brew, we are sure to have an herbal tea or botanical that will impress.