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Fruity & Berry Teas

Lucious tea and botanical blends providing a deliciously sweet fruit and berry-filled flavor with every sip.



Sweet and Bright Berry and Fruit Teas

Unctuous stone fruit, juicy berries, and zesty tropicals all find their place in this category, offering rich and flavorful teas forward in fruit notes and sweetness. Find blends of caffeinated green teas, caffeine-free botanicals, and unique fruit choices grown all over the world. Featuring real dried fruit and specially curated tea leaves from unique origins, these berry and fruit-forward blends are full of flavor, sweetness, and just a touch of acidity for the perfect balance in every sip. Find your next favorite today!

How to Brew Fruity and Berry Teas

These fruity botanical and tea-based blends are well-suited to long brew times, as the fruit ingredients present in these teas can stand up to long and rigorous infusions. For best results, we suggest brewing 1.5 tablespoons of tea with boiling water for about 3-5 minutes, based on how strong and flavorful you like your tea. These teas are also excellent options to enjoy as iced teas, with their bright and juicy flavors.


Yes, the teas we feature in this category feature real dried fruit, offering a well developed and complex fruit flavor to the blend.

Some of these teas are caffeinated, but not all. In particular, teas that are solely berries or botanical blends will be caffeine-free. 

Like all of our teas, these teas should be stored away from light and moisture. Loose leaf teas can be stored in an opaque, air-tight container, while our tea sachets have overwraps to help protect them from air and moisture. Overexposure to air, sunlight, or moisture can ruin the quality of our teas.

Tea Blends using Global Ingredients

Rishi Tea & Botanicals takes great pride in the teas we serve across North America, and we couldn’t do it without our exceptional tea growers. We source unique teas, spices, and dried fruit from all around the world, blending delicious and flavorful tea mixes that are representative of the hard work and generational knowledge required to cultivate the best tea possible. Browse our wide array of offerings and find a tea that speaks to you!