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All the accessories you need to prepare the perfect cup of tea, from bamboo whisks, serving pitchers or storage containers to keep your teas as fresh as possible.



Prepare Excellent Teas

No matter where you are on your tea journey, Rishi Tea & Botanicals has a wide array of high quality tea accessories and tools for all kinds of preparations, including Japanese matcha tea, Chinese gong fu teas, and western preparation styles. Choose from our selection of matcha chasens, loose leaf tea filters, and an assortment of storage and measuring implements to help you prepare and maintain our premium teas. All of our products are designed for functionality and appearance, allowing you to make the most out of your next cup of tea.

How to Prepare the Best Tea Using Rishi Tea Accessories

We offer several different products so you can brew your tea just the way you like. Matcha accessories like chasen and scoops are essential to make traditional Japanese matcha. Our biodegradable, disposable filters allow you to brew loose leaf teas, anywhere, even without a teapot. Keep your tea away from excess light and oxygen with our storage containers so you can serve exceptional, fresh tea with one of our serving pitchers or trays. These tools are functional and fashionable, ideal for a wide variety of preparation and hosting styles.


Yes, our loose leaf tea filters are biodegradable! Rishi Tea & Botanicals is dedicated to sustainability and ethics in tea, and our natural, chemical-free tea filters are just one way we supply you with exceptional, sustainable tea.

Tea is an aged and oxidized product, and improper storage can worsen or ruin the quality of even the highest-quality teas. Using an airtight and opaque storage tin can minimize the loss of aromatics and flavor that occurs from exposure to oxygen, sunlight and heat.

A chashaku is the traditional tea scooping accessory for Japanese matcha. Its minimalistic design makes it easy to measure out powdered matcha. Additionally, the traditional bamboo construction minimizes oxidation and retains the various volatile aromatics of powdered matcha, which can quickly lose quality if prepared improperly.

Traditional and Modern Tea Techniques

Rishi Tea & Botanicals explores and celebrates tea preparations from all around the world, and seeks to connect our customers with the expansive world of tea. Browse our assortment of teapots and teaware, which pair easily with new accessories to brew our organic teas in a large variety of ways. From Chinese Gaiwan teapots to classic ceramic travel pots, we are sure to have an offering that fits your desired tea style.