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What Rishi Tea Drinkers
Are Saying

"This is by far the best Earl Grey tea I have had. I drink a lot of tea and only drink Rishi Earl Grey. You will love the flavor. "


Earl Grey Supreme

Rich | Citrusy | Floral

"I don't believe there is a better green tea you can get in a bag. The evidence is in the bright, even, grassy green color this tea makes."


Matcha Super Green

Sweet | Smooth | Umami

"I love this tea - the richness of it is amazing, and it relaxes me with the ginger and turmeric. Such a winner :)"


Turmeric Ginger

Spicy | Zesty | Fragrant

"This tea is absolutely amazing! I feel immediate uplifting effects after consuming. Rishi has the best quality tea that I have found on any shelf thus far."


Blueberry Hibiscus

Vibrant | Tart | Luscious

"This is seriously the BEST chai concentrate out there. It's incredible and has such a great spice. I'll never go back to another brand."


Masala Chai Concentrate

Spicy | Rich | Fragrant

"This is my first tasting of oolong tea and I'm in love! It's flavor is delicate yet robust and floral. Absolutely delicious, my new favorite tea."


Iron Goddess of Mercy

Roasty | Dried Fruit | Smooth

"Delicious and satisfying. It's delicate enough to drink without doctoring but also bold enough to hold up to cream and honey. An absolute delight."


Golden Yunnan

Malty | Jammy | Mellow

Enjoy a Unique Blend

Taiwan has the perfect tea-growing conditions. It has a tropical and subtropical climate with plenty of sunshine and rain, as well as rich soils that drain well. These conditions give tea from Taiwan its unique aroma and flavor. 

Taiwan has grown tea for centuries which means many families have generational tea-making experience that is passed down. Taiwan also has research bodies dedicated to supporting the crafting and cultivation of tea, ensuring farmers are up-to-date with the latest methods. The nation’s tea culture and our Direct Trade relationships with them guarantee you’ll find only exceptional tea in this collection. 

How to Brew Teas From Taiwan

Each variety of tea has its own ideal brewing ritual, so we recommend following the individual product’s instructions for the best cup. However, a general guide on how to properly prepare Taiwanese teas is to use 1 teaspoon of loose leaf tea with 4 to 6 ounces of hot water and steep for your desired amount of time. Many of these teas can be brewed traditionally in a gaiwan or as part of a gongfu cha brewing ceremony


Yes, all green teas come from the Camellia sinensis plant and naturally contain caffeine. The caffeine levels vary depending on the specific tea, but in general, green teas tend to have a medium amount of caffeine.

Taiwanese tea was originally brought in from mainland China which means they have a lot of similarities. However, due to the subtropical temperatures and unique climate of Taiwan, tea from the island is often smooth, light and sweet, while tea from China tends to be rich, full-bodied and earthy. 

Rishi supports its farmers to grow their crops without fertilizers and pesticides whenever possible. The majority of our teas are USDA Certified Organic, but we recommend checking the individual product page to confirm its status. 

Explore Exceptional Teas From Rishi 

Rishi Tea & Botanicals has been providing tea lovers with unique, off-the-beaten path teas since 1997. We have formed lasting relationships with our esteemed growers to ensure you can enjoy nothing but the best teas from Taiwan and other communities around the world. Explore premium teas from the most notable harvests to elevate your next tea time.