Bubbly Botanicals

Discover a new way to enjoy your tea! Rishi Tea & Botanicals is excited to offer our assortment of sparkling teas, brewed with delicious and unique ingredients, zero sugar and refreshing bubbles sure to bring a new dimension to your tea experience. Enjoy these drinks as an alternative to alcoholic cocktails or sugary sodas while still feeling refreshed. Perfect for chilling out on a summer day or relaxing at the end of a day, our carbonated teas are filled with fragrant flavors you won’t find anywhere else. 

How to Enjoy Rishi Sparkling Teas

Our Sparkling Botanical beverages are ready-to-drink as soon as they arrive. We suggest enjoying these drinks chilled or over ice, but they are delicious when paired with a garnish, lemonade or as part of a mixed drink. Since these beverages are carbonated, you should not shake the cans before opening.


These teas are brewed fresh and preserved in sealed cans. As long as none of the seals are broken and it is before the best by date printed on the bottom of each can, the beverage should be good to drink. 

Since our fizzy teas are made with different types of tea, they come with varying amounts of caffeine. For instance, our Black Lemon Tea is made with black tea which contains caffeine, but our Elderberry Maqui Tea is brewed using rooibos and other botanicals to create a caffeine-free beverage. 

Yes, all of our carbonated teas are brewed with spices and teas that we blend in-house, specifically for these drinks. You won’t find flavors like these in other canned teas.

Teas for All Palates

Rishi Tea & Botanicals curates exquisite teas from origins all around the world to serve every kind of tea palate. More than just loose leaf teas and sparkling drinks, we offer tea sachets and concentrates to fit any sort of lifestyle. Experience the quality and care of Rishi tea in a variety of forms and flavors, perfect for any palate.