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Rich & Earthy Teas

This assortment of rich and earthy teas and botanical blends offer aromatic and robust taste profiles with a smooth body.



Rich Teas for Bold Tastes

Earthy, slightly sweet and full-bodied on the palate, these teas are perfect for those who enjoy a bold and deeply flavorful cup of tea. This collection is curated for their long aging cycles, tannic complexity and robust tastes. With their layered aromas and high L-Theanine concentrations, these teas will also provide a flavorful kick that will help you get the day started, or through the afternoon slump. Find a new favorite, or choose one you already love!

How to Brew Earthy Teas

Our collection of earthy and rich teas covers a wide variety of teas. While matcha teas require special equipment (such as a matcha bowl and whisk), the loose leaf teas can easily be brewed in a typical western teapot or gongfu cha tea set. In general we advise to brew these teas in a ratio of 2 tablespoons to 8 ounces of hot water, for 3 to 4 minutes.


The rich tea flavor we typically describe as “earthy” is usually, but not always, a sign of a long and wet fermenting and aging process. Other earthy tasting teas include our matcha powders with their vegetal flavors.

L-Theanine is an amino acid found naturally in tea, and is particularly concentrated in black and green teas. L-Theanine has been reported to provide a calming effect while reducing the commonly experienced jitters from caffeine.

Certainly! While a cold brew will provide a slightly brighter note, these teas will still taste as deep and rich as they would brewed hot. To enjoy an iced tea, we suggest brewing the tea slightly stronger before pouring over ice.

As with all of our teas, these teas should be stored in an opaque, air-tight container away from heat or direct sunlight. Light and moisture can impact the quality of your tea and even affect the flavor over time.

Try a Spiced Option

For those who enjoy the heavy, rich flavor of this collection, our spicy teas are a great choice too. Full of the bold and punchy aromas you already love, these teas also come with a kick of spice to cut through the heaviness, offering a unique and nuanced experience you won’t find in other teas. Or, browse all of our tea varieties for the full picture of what tea can offer you.