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Elegant and Functional Teacups & Sets

Tea time is a ceremony, and your servingware should be created to match. All of the teaware we offer is designed and crafted with functionality and appearance in mind, offering a variety of designs and form factors that are sure to match any sensibility. Prepare exquisite matcha teas in our handcrafted ceramic whisking bowls, or serve up your most fragrant black teas in our mugs and pitchers. Whatever your choice, find teaware made from high-quality, reliable materials to help you bring the most out of your teas.

How to Care For Rishi Cups and Bowls

We only provide the best products for our teas, but that also means our teacup sets can require a little extra care. We recommend hand washing your teaware with hot, soapy water, and allowing it to dry fully before preparing your next tea. Some of our products, such as our glass and porcelain mugs and bowls, are also dishwasher safe for easy cleanup and low-maintenance care. See the product page for suggested care instructions for ideal longevity and quality.


Some of our bowls, like our porcelain matcha bowl, are dishwasher safe. However, our handcrafted clay and ceramic bowls are made with natural clays and are better suited to hand washing for best longevity.

While it is possible to prepare matcha without a bowl and whisk, using these utensils ensures proper mouthfeel, strength, and quality of your matcha. The matcha bowls and whisks we offer are specially designed to help you properly prepare a delicious and smooth bowl of matcha every time.

The type of vessel you brew in has a slight effect on the tea you drink. We recommend both glass and porcelain teaware because they are impervious and won’t alter the natural flavor of the tea. 

Glass is not reactive or absorbent so it does not impart any flavor or texture to the brew, but glass teacups cool down and heat more quickly than porcelain. Glassware adds an extra element to tea time as it allows you to observe the color of your tea infusing in the water as it steeps. 

Porcelain, like glass, does not alter the taste of tea which is why it is the optimal selection for tea connoisseurs. Floral teas and those with less oxidation tend to perform best in porcelain vessels. We love enjoying High Mountain teas and premium Darjeeling teas in porcelain teacups.

Serving North America with High Quality Tea

Rishi Tea & Botanicals is dedicated to sourcing premium teas from all around the world, promoting mutually prosperous practices in the tea industry. We blend our teas thoughtfully to provide a nuanced and exquisite tea profile, serving the US and Canada with high-quality, aromatic teas sure to impress. Fill your tea cabinet with our organic teas today!