Darjeeling Teas

Darjeeling tea is regarded as the "Champagne of Tea" for its unique growing region, also known as the Golden Valley, located in the Himalayan Mountain Range. Only tea grown in this region can truly be called Darjeeling, which carries its own signature fragrance and flavor characteristics.



Exceptional Himalayan-Grown Tea

Grown at some of the highest elevations in the world, these loose leaf Darjeeling teas are highly regarded for their celebrated quality and expressions of terroir around the world. Where typical black teas are grown between 50-100 meters above sea level, and even higher elevation teas growing at upwards of 500 meters, Darjeeling stands proud as a high mountain tea from the Himalayas, growing at altitudes of nearly 1000 meters or more. This high elevation, combined with exquisite air and soil quality, makes for a uniquely refined, clean, and subtle tea flavor.

How to Brew Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling is an incredibly special variety and is best enjoyed over multiple brews. We suggest adding 1 teaspoon of tea per 5 ounces of barely boiling water and steeping for 3 minutes. Repeat brews will benefit from a slightly longer brewing time to maintain the ideal strength and body of the tea.


No, Darjeeling is one variety uniquely covered under Geographical Indication (GI), and can only be grown in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, India.

The flush of a tea refers to the point in the harvest when the leaves are plucked. First flush tea is the first, spring harvest and typically light and bright, highly aromatic and similar to green tea, and second flush tea refers to the second harvest of tea leaves, typically in June. This flush tends to be much bolder and richer in flavor.

Garden Direct is Rishi Tea & Botanicals’ curated collection of rare, limited supply teas. Through careful tasting and classification by our tea experts, we select and display teas celebrated for their complexity, flavor, and representation of the regions they are grown in.

Certainly! To enjoy as an iced tea, brew your Darjeeling slightly longer before pouring it over ice. When enjoyed in this way, Darjeeling varieties tend to have more pronounced fruit and floral notes, and pair well with lemon or honey.

Premium Teas from Expert Producers

Rishi Tea & Botanicals is dedicated to providing tea drinkers with premium, curated, and purposefully grown teas. For all of the teas we source, we build long-term dedicated partnerships with tea farmers and producers around the world, enabling these growers to be directly involved in the tea we distribute. This dedication to quality is clear in the fragrant aromas and deep flavors of the teas we offer, available all across the US and Canada.