Exceptionally Crafted Teaware

Featuring spacious brewing chambers, carefully crafted flow spouts and heat-proof handles, these teapots are perfect for brewing loose leaf teas that need room to expand and minimalist tea sachets alike. Easy to clean and pleasing to the eye, these teapots will look beautiful in a cupboard, on a dining table, or on a traditional gongfu tea tray. Offering a wide selection of styles, our teaware serves any tea preparation and serving style, whether your next tea time is a casual tea service or a formal tea ceremony.

How to Use Rishi Teapots

The teapots we offer are easy to use, simply add your desired amount of tea leaves and hot water. Particular vessels are better for some brewing methods, such as when brewing in gongfu cha brewing method. While these teapots are great for brewing and holding hot water teas, they should not be used to boil water on top of a direct flame or heat source, as they may be damaged by the intense heat.


While some of our teaware is dishwasher safe, such as our Simple Brew pot, many of these pots are not. It is suggested to wash these vessels with hot, soapy water and allow them to dry thoroughly before using to brew tea.

Choosing between a glass or ceramic pot is largely based on preference, but can significantly affect the brewing process. Clay pots tend to hold more heat for a longer amount of time, leading to a more stable brewing temperature, but can also be somewhat porous, causing clay pots to “cure” with the flavors of teas brewed in them. Glass pots, conversely, cool down quicker than clay pots, but will be easier to clean and much less porous, leading to a more “true-to-origin” flavor.

It is generally recommended to preheat a tea set before brewing, as cold teaware can leech heat from the tea during the brewing and serving process. To maintain the most stable and controlled tea brew, it is suggested to flush the pot and cups with boiling water before brewing tea leaves.

Brew Exquisite Tea from Around the World

Rishi Tea & Botanicals is eager to serve households and businesses in the United States and Canada with high quality, aromatic teas from origins all around the world. With a focus on equity and sustainability, we connect customers with unparalleled black, green and herbal teas that are sure to be memorable and flavorful. Browse our offerings today and find a new favorite!