Qing Xiang Porcelain Teapot
Gongfu Teapot
Qing Xiang Porcelain Teapot

Volume: 220ml

About this product

This white porcelain Gongfu style teapot selection from Taiwan is the perfect option for Qing Xiang, or “Clear Fragrance” oolong cha. Teas that are lesser oxidized with flowery aromas and teas with a specialized focal fragrance perform best with porcelain material. The wider shape of the pot allows for the tea to expand, while the quick decanting speed of the spout preserves the bright fragrance. Porcelain is impervious and does not alter the taste of tea and that is why it is used by tea tasters who professionally evaluate teas. Earthenware materials are favored for deep roasting tea, aged tea or deep fermentation teas like Ripe Pu’er, but fresh tea and aromatic tea is best with porcelain. This pot has a similar volume to a tea cupping bowl and is great for gongfu cha brewing or tea evaluation. This teapot coaxes out the flowery, delicate aromas of green oolong, Gao Shan Cha “High Mountain Teas”, premium Darjeeling and eastern beauty teas alike.

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