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Teaware for all your matcha needs. Including matcha whisks, bowls and accessories.



Create the Perfect Matcha Tea Set

Enjoy the traditional Japanese art of matcha with the Rishi Tea collection of handcrafted matcha teaware. Build a matcha tea set perfect for home use or in tea service, with their beautiful artisan glaze designs, sturdy bases and deliberate craftsmanship. Brew traditional hot teas or uplifting matcha lattes with these porcelain, clay and wood matcha bowls, which offer smooth and rough surfaces to accommodate a variety of matcha preparation styles. Bamboo chasen and whisk stands will ensure whisks can stand up to repeated use without breaking or cracking, enabling the preparation of ceremonial matcha as often as desired.

How to Use Matcha Teaware

Matcha is a long-standing culinary tradition in Japan, leading to specialized processes and tools for proper preparation. To prepare matcha, add a small amount of hot water to ground matcha powder in your bowl, and whisk vigorously for 15 seconds, alternating between a swirling and a side-to-side motion. This should result in a pale green, frothy mixture with no spots of dried powder. After preparing this mixture, transfer to a cup and add hot water for a traditional matcha tea, or steamed milk for a specialty matcha latte, sweetening to taste.


Matcha is a powdered tea first created in Japan. Put simply, matcha is finely ground green tea leaves, which is whisked into hot water or milk before serving. Due to its unique preparation method, matcha requires a particular set of teaware to properly prepare.

While it is not technically necessary, neglecting to sift and whisk the powder will result in an unevenly distributed, gritty and bitter cup of matcha. By sifting and whisking, clumps are broken and the tea is evenly distributed, leading to the ideal extraction and balance of flavor.

The roughness of your bowl is largely based on personal preference, but will affect the preparation of your tea. Bowls with an unglazed base will encourage more agitation and quicker frothing times, but can expose your matcha whisk to greater friction and potential of breaking. Smooth bowls, alternatively, will take longer to froth, but will maintain the integrity of your whisk for longer. Smooth matcha bowls also tend to be easier to clean than rough bowls.

Matcha bowls require minimal effort to store and maintain. Wash them with warm, soapy water and store in a dry place. The bamboo whisk, or chasen, requires more direct care. It is recommended to pair your chasen with a whisk stand, where the chasen can be placed on after washing with hot water to maintain the shape and stiffness of the whisk. Storing a whisk without a stand can expose matcha whisks to higher chances for breakage, cracking, or fraying.

Taste Over 25 Years of Quality

Rishi Tea & Botanicals is dedicated to providing customers with high quality, flavorful teas. Using the expertise of over 25 years in the tea industry, we work closely with farmers and tea producers to source the most aromatic, nuanced and high-quality teas we can procure. We are proud to supply households and businesses with unique teas and origins all around the world, sharing our love for one of the world’s oldest beverages. Browse our tea store today!