Wabi Sabi Raku Matcha Bowl
Natural Clay Pottery
Wabi Sabi Raku Matcha Bowl
Volume: 21oz
About this product

The Wabi Sabi Matcha Bowl is made in the Kyoto area of Japan. The bowl is made from natural red Japanese clay, hand shaped and glazed with a lovely speckled cream color. The Wabi Sabi Matcha Bowl is made according to the Raku style, characterized by hand-shaping, low firing temperatures, and early removal of the bowl from the kiln. This results in a somewhat porous or lightweight feeling clay. Give the Wabi Sabi Matcha Bowl a tap with your fingernail, and you'll hear a high ping sound.

Each bowl is totally unique and reflects the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi Sabi, an artistic tradition that first emerged in the late Sengoku period in the 1500's. At the time, matcha underwent an important historical transition from being restricted to the elite samurai warrior and political class, to become a more popular urban tea drink enjoyed by all people. Wabi Sabi is difficult to translate, but alludes to a rustic simplicity, transience, and natural imperfections that make an object all the more beautiful because of its flaws.

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