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Light & Floral Teas

Flowers and other herbs have been used for centuries to scent tea, as well as infused as herbal blends. From Vietnamese Lotus tea to Jasmine Pearls, the tradition of scenting teas is a time honored craft.



Light-Profile Floral and Herbal Teas

Delicate, sweet, and pleasantly complex, this collection of aromatic and elegant teas are perfect for those who prefer a lower intensity tea experience, or those who prefer subtle floral and fruity notes in their teas. Composed largely of green and botanical blends, these unique and flavorful options represent the wide variety of flavors and fragrances possible in tea, unaltered by extensive oxidation or aging. Discover the complex, unique, and delicate options we have available in a variety of forms including loose leaf teas, tea sachets, and tea powders.

How to Brew Floral Teas

As these teas are much lighter in profile than our other, more robust teas, they require some care to brew properly. While the light herbal teas in this collection can be brewed with boiling water, the white and green tea blends should not be. Instead, wait a minute or two before brewing, or use a cooling pitcher to lower the temperature of the brew. These teas may also benefit from short (1 to 2 minute) steep times, particularly loose-leaf varieties that are well suited to multiple brews.


In general, these teas are very lightly oxidized or aged, leading to less development during the aging process. These teas are also celebrated in their growing regions for their lightness and aromatic complexity.

Water temperature when brewing tea is always important, but it is even more critical with the white and green teas in this collection. Brewing more delicate teas with freshly boiling water can “scorch” the tea, over-extracting the less volatile flavor compounds in the tea leaves, and leading to a bitter, drying taste and mouthfeel.

Herbal teas, particularly those brewed from flowers, tend to be regarded as some of the lightest teas in our collection, such as chamomile, hibiscus, or mint teas.

Flavors to Fit any Profile

No matter what kind of notes you are looking for in your tea, Rishi Tea & Botanicals can help you find the perfect blend. With our large selection of floral and aromatic teas, we have an offering for any palate or lifestyle. Our teas are available in a large variety of forms, including loose leaf, bulk sachets, powder mixes, and even liquid concentrates. No matter where you’re going, Rishi Tea & Botanicals has a great tea option to bring along for the ride.