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Tea Concentrates

Rishi's Tea Concentrates are made with premium, organic ingredients and can be served hot or cold, depending on your preference or time of the year.



Tea Lattes at any Time

Enjoy café-quality tea lattes any time, just add your favorite milk. We slowly brew the tea and blend it with quality spices and botanicals to bring the depth and nuance of a fresh tea latte to concentrate form. Whether you want to keep it handy at home, or are serving it in a café, our London Fog and Chai tea concentrates are perfect for hot or iced preparations. Browse our variations of tea lattes and find a new favorite.

How to Use Tea Concentrates

Our concentrates make it easy to enjoy a London Fog or Chai tea latte, simply add milk or milk alternative. Whether hot or iced, we suggest preparing your tea latte with equal parts concentrate and milk. When making a hot beverage, combine the concentrate and milk before heating. This will open up the flavors and aromatics of the spices in the concentrate, creating a more nuanced and well balanced beverage.


Tea lattes are an alternate tea preparation, similar to milk tea. These preparations have risen in popularity through cafés and homes in line with espresso lattes. Typically, steamed milk is added to a concentrated or strongly brewed tea, adding a sweet and creamy body to the beverage.

Just like with other types of teas, it depends. Our Ginger Turmeric Chai and Chaga Chai tea concentrates, for example, are caffeine-free.

Yes, our concentrated teas do contain organic cane sugar as the sweetener so you only need to add your favorite milk or milk alternative to enjoy a delicious latte.

Serving North America with Excellent Teas

Rishi Tea & Botanicals blends our teas in-house using ethical and sustainable practices, sourcing only the best and highest-quality teas and tea blends for our discerning customers. Rishi offers shipping to the United States and Canada, making it easy to try teas from all around the world without having to make the trip! Treat yourself to exquisite teas from our store today.