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Deep & Bittersweet Teas

These bittersweet profile teas have a deep and nuanced aroma, body and taste.




What Rishi Tea Drinkers
Are Saying

"This is by far the best Earl Grey tea I have had. I drink a lot of tea and only drink Rishi Earl Grey. You will love the flavor. "


Earl Grey Supreme

Rich | Citrusy | Floral

"I don't believe there is a better green tea you can get in a bag. The evidence is in the bright, even, grassy green color this tea makes."


Matcha Super Green

Sweet | Smooth | Umami

"I love this tea - the richness of it is amazing, and it relaxes me with the ginger and turmeric. Such a winner :)"


Turmeric Ginger

Spicy | Zesty | Fragrant

"This tea is absolutely amazing! I feel immediate uplifting effects after consuming. Rishi has the best quality tea that I have found on any shelf thus far."


Blueberry Hibiscus

Vibrant | Tart | Luscious

"This is seriously the BEST chai concentrate out there. It's incredible and has such a great spice. I'll never go back to another brand."


Masala Chai Concentrate

Spicy | Rich | Fragrant

"This is my first tasting of oolong tea and I'm in love! It's flavor is delicate yet robust and floral. Absolutely delicious, my new favorite tea."


Iron Goddess of Mercy

Roasty | Dried Fruit | Smooth

"Delicious and satisfying. It's delicate enough to drink without doctoring but also bold enough to hold up to cream and honey. An absolute delight."


Golden Yunnan

Malty | Jammy | Mellow

Experience Exceptionally Bold Tea 

This collection of strong-flavored teas are perfect for those who love more resonant and bittersweet flavors. Notable for their tannic, rich profile, the teas in this collection will result in thick and dark “liquor” that is deeply aromatic and heady. The perfect profile for a long tea session or morning brew. Many of these teas have been aged as well, leading to a deeply developed and complex profile that will shine brightly through multiple steeps. If you’re looking for a truly indulgent and rich tea experience, these bold teas are the right choice.

How to Brew Bold & Bittersweet Teas

As many of these teas are aged for complexity, they result in an incredibly rich and strong cup of tea. As such, we suggest brewing the teas in this collection in multiple small and quick steeps to enjoy the breadth of the profile these teas have to offer. In general, we suggest brewing 1.5 tablespoons of tea leaves with 5 ounces of hot water for 20-30 seconds. Repeat brews can be extended by about 30 seconds each time, repeating until the tea begins to taste very bitter.


Tannins are a type of compound found in many foods and drinks, including wine, chocolate, coffee and tea. Tannins dry out the palate, resulting in a slightly bitter or astringent quality that is notable in these deep-flavored teas.

Pu’er tea is a specially aged tea primarily produced in China. The tea leaves are fermented after being dried and rolled, resulting in a deeply developed earthy sweetness.

While either packaging style is serviceable to enjoy your tea, the form it is packaged in can alter the storage of your tea. Tea cakes sometimes require a special tool to separate the leaves, but can otherwise be stored in a standard tin for a long time. Loose leaf tea, conversely, does not require any extra tools, but will not last quite as long as a tea cake.

Certainly. While these bold teas shine best over multiple, small brews, they are still deeply enjoyable when brewed in a western-style teapot or in a sachet.

Aged Teas Celebrated Around the World

Are you a big fan of bold flavor? Our aged Pu’er teas are an excellent option to build out your cabinet of strong-flavored, complex teas. With a slightly earthy, sweet flavor, Pu’er teas are celebrated for their rich liquor, sturdy body and floral aroma. When stored properly, some Pu’er varieties can even age further in your pantry, offering a complexity and depth of flavor unreachable by other teas. No matter what kind of tea you enjoy, Rishi Tea & Botanicals is sure to have the blend for you.