High Mountain Oolong Teas

Around the globe, Taiwan is well known for the production of highly-specialized teas with distinct denotive differences in the locations where tea is grown in this country. Teas grown above 1,000 meters are known as Gao Shan Cha, translating as High Mountain Tea.



Exceptional Taiwan Oolong Teas

Grown and produced over a thousand meters above sea level, these exquisite High Mountain teas are sure to impress. Known for their florality, sweetness and delicate body, oolongs are a unique and highly sought tea varietal that is perfect for ceremonies, celebrations and solitary enjoyment alike. Browse our exquisite offerings and treat yourself to a rare brew. 

How to Brew High Mountain Oolong Tea

These Taiwanese Oolong teas are well known for their delicate, nuanced and lightly sweet body, and are best suited to multiple brews as with classic gongfu tea tradition. We suggest preparing 1 tablespoon of tea with 5 ounces of very hot water and brewing for around a minute on the first steep, and 30 seconds on further steeps. When prepared in this way, you will be able to fully experience the wide array of aromas and flavors these unique teas have to offer.


While Taiwan is regarded as producing some of the highest quality tea in the world, Oolong teas can come from many origins, including Sri Lanka, China, Japan and more.

According to traditional gongfu cha tea brewing method, multiple small brews of tea are made, rather than one large one. This allows the teas to evolve in flavor over time, offering new aromas, textures and flavors in each brew. It encourages drinkers to take a moment and be mindful with the tea they are drinking.

Yes! Oolong teas tend to contain a similar amount of caffeine to most green teas — around a third to half of the caffeine content in a cup of coffee. Caffeine levels may vary between different varietals, however.

Tools for Tea

Taiwanese Oolong Teas are perfect for entertaining, celebrating or relaxing on one’s own. But what if you don’t have the right tools? Rishi Tea & Botanicals offer affordable and high-quality teawares to help you prepare exquisite, aromatic teas no matter your experience level! Whether it’s high quality and nuanced Oolongs or a straightforward green tea, our tea accessories will help you prepare your ideal tea experience.