Elderberry Maqui
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Elderberry Maqui
Elderberry Maqui
Elderberry Maqui
Elderberry Maqui

A great addition to your collection, the Simple Brew is a great way to enjoy a hot or iced cup of tea at home or at the office. The glass pot allows you to watch your favorite teas infuse, expand, and dance. The built in strainer keeps all of your tea in the pot for future steepings. The Simple Brew is also easy to clean, simply unscrew the filter from the lid and wash. Check out more details on how to use here.

About this tea

Wild-foraged maqui berries and black elderberries boldly land on the palate with accents from red wine grape skins, herbs and hibiscus to create a luscious flavor with a wine-like profile.

Maqui berries are a prized source of polyphenols and have been traditionally taken by the people of Patagonia for vitality, detox and cleansing. Formerly known as Patagonia Maqui.


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Origin Poland & Serbia
Origin El Faiyum, Egypt
Maqui Berry
Origin Patagonia, Chile
Origin Chile