Houjicha Cardamom
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Houjicha Cardamom
Houjicha Cardamom
Houjicha Cardamom

This blend is brimming with warm nostalgia and amazing mood boosting aromas.

Multi-florals, warming spices,

green cardamom and sweets

About this tea

This winter we developed a series of unique houjicha blends that are warming and comforting. Houjicha is a category of Japanese green tea defined by its level of roasting. Green tea leaves and stems are hot roasted and transformed by way of the Maillard reaction, similar to the caramelization of a properly baked sweet potato or striking the right roast in coffee.

We selected a deeply roasted and sweet lot of houjicha made from the prime first flush harvest. This lot provides a deep and rich sweetness. Combined with the intoxicating fragrance and presence of green cardamom, this houjicha is warming and refreshing with a multi-floral scent. Cardamom is known as the queen of spices and imbues the blend with amazing notes of wintergreen, camphor, eucalyptus, mint candies and the one-of-a-kind aroma that only cardamom delivers. This blend is brimming with warm nostalgia and amazing mood boosting aromas.


Shizuoka & Kagoshima Prefectures, Japan

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Shizuoka & Kagoshima Prefectures


The tea growing region located along the streams and valleys of the Abe and Warashina Rivers at the base of Shizuoka’s Southern Alps is a renowned terroir for sencha aficionados with natural micro-climates that are exclusive to the remote inner reaches of the Shizuoka Prefecture. With nearly 800 years of tea farming history, this spectacular tea origin is the highest elevation tea growing region for Japanese sencha and is surrounded by dense mountain forests, clear air, pure river streams and abundant nature.

Region Details




300 meters


March - May



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