Discover the Art of Gifting Tea: A Holiday Gift Guide

Discover the Art of Gifting Tea: A Holiday Gift Guide

Searching for the perfect tea gift? Look no further than our ultimate guide, featuring brand new gift sets and bundles to delight every tea fan in your life.


October 31, 2023


Rishi Tea



As the holiday season approaches, we are embracing the joy of gift-giving and getting ready to share the love of tea with those who hold a special place in our hearts. At Rishi, we believe that a thoughtful tea gift can not only warm the senses but also create moments of tranquil connection. With an array of delightful and authentic tea experiences to choose from, we have curated a selection of ten exceptional gifts, each one capturing the essence of our passion for tea and botanicals. So, join us on this journey as we uncover the beauty behind each gift and why they are perfect for this holiday season.

1. Ceremonial Matcha Gift Set: Experience Japanese Zen

Transport your loved ones to the serene gardens of Japan with the Ceremonial Matcha Gift Set. This set provides all the essential tools for a traditional matcha tea ceremony, as well as our best-selling tin of Ceremonial Matcha. From the vibrant green shade of finely ground matcha powder to the delicate movements of the bamboo whisk, each sip becomes a transformative journey into the essence of Zen, packed with the high-vibrational clean green energy that can only come from Japanese stone-ground matcha. Delightfully earthy and invigorating, this gift set is a gateway to a profound tea experience.

Ceremonial Matcha Set-image

Ceremonial Matcha Set

from $95

2. Black Tea Gift Set: Indulge in Bold Flavors 

Capture the essence of timeless elegance with the Black Tea Gift Set. Perfect for those who savor the robust and full-bodied charm of black teas, this set presents a captivating selection of 4 teas sourced from renowned tea regions and a paired glass teapot. From the malty embrace of Assam to the nuanced richness of Yunnan and our most elevated Earl Grey Supreme, each cup evokes a sense of discovery and refinement, making this gift set an exquisite treat for the tea connoisseur in your life. 

Black Tea Gift Set-image

Black Tea Gift Set

from $95

Black Tea Gift Set

Bold, richly layered pure teas and traditional blends beloved for their warming and uplifting energy - and a versatile everyday teapot that is perfect for tasting your way through your black tea journey

3. Green Tea Gift Set: Embrace Health and Vitality 

For the health-conscious tea lover in your life, the Green Tea Gift Set is an ideal choice. Packed with antioxidant properties and vibrant nature, this set offers a selection of 4 of our favorite premium green teas sourced from meticulously tended gardens around the world and paired with a glass teapot for instant brewing. From the grassy notes of Japanese Sencha to the delicate sweetness of Chinese Dragon Well, this gift set invites the recipient to embark on a voyage of wellness and rejuvenation. 

Green Tea Gift Set-image

Green Tea Gift Set

from $95

4. Caffeine-Free Botanical Tea Gift Set: Unwind and Relax 

Give the gift of serenity with the Botanical Tea Gift Set. Crafted with a harmonious blend of naturally caffeine-free flowers, fruits, and herbs, each of the 4 herbal teas in this set offers a soothing and comforting experience. Perfect for winding down after a long day or for those seeking tranquility, this gift set embraces relaxation and invites the recipient to bask in the aromatic delights of nature's botanical wonders, from spicy Turmeric Ginger to floral Bergamot Rose and juicy Hibiscus Elderberry. 

Botanical Tea Gift Set-image

Botanical Tea Gift Set

from $75

Turmeric Ginger, featured in the Botanical Tea Gift Set

Ceremonial Matcha Set

5. Premium Sachet Collection: Convenience Meets Excellence 

For the tea lover on the go, the Premium Sachet Collection is a perfect companion. Each biodegradable, plant-based sachet contains our premium quality loose leaf teas, ensuring a convenient and luxurious tea-drinking experience wherever one may wander. From delicate green teas to robust black teas, this sampler bestows a sense of adventure as it uncovers the rich tapestry of flavors and aromas that our teas have to offer. This sampler includes 24 sachet teabags across the 18 tea profiles of our flagship line with both caffeinated and non-caffeinated options. 

Premium Sachet Collection-image

Premium Sachet Collection

from $39

6. Japanese Sencha Green Tea Bundle: Breathe in the Essence of Japan 

Embark on a sensory journey to Japan with the Japanese Sencha Green Tea Bundle. This bundle includes an exquisite selection of premium Japanese Sencha teas, carefully cultivated to capture the essence of the Japanese tradition of sencha, featuring a kyusu and cooling pitcher to ensure the best brewing experience. Our most popular Japanese green teas, the pure, deep green Nishi Sencha First Flush and our Matcha Super Green blend of matcha and sencha, one is transported to the lush landscapes that surround our Japanese tea garden origins with each cup. 

Nishi First Flush Sencha, featured in the Japanese Green Tea Bundle

"This Sencha is the most delicious everyday sencha which I would be content being the only tea I drank for the rest of my life. The vibrant colour of the liquor will invigorate your whole body at first glance, the rich, full bodied umami will nourish and satisfy your soul and enliven your heart. I encourage everyone to try it."

- Vanessa

7. Black Tea Gongfu Cha Bundle: Embrace the Art of Tea Brewing 

For the tea aficionado seeking a deeper connection to the art of brewing, the Black Tea Gongfu Cha Bundle is a gift steeped in tradition and finesse. This bundle marries the bold flavors of black teas with the graceful precision of Gongfu Cha, an ancient Chinese tea brewing ritual and includes a porcelain teapot, serving pitcher and two exquisite black tea selections from our Garden Direct line of seasonal teas: Yunnan Purple Buds and Hong Yu Ruby #18. From the captivating aroma of the leaves to the smooth, complex taste with each successive infusion, this gift set encapsulates the artistry of tea brewing. 

8. Pu'er Gongfu Cha Bundle: Delve into the Realm of Aged Elegance 

For the true tea connoisseur, the Pu'er Gongfu Cha Bundle is a gift that whispers tales of time, patience, and transformation. Pu'er tea, known for its unique fermentation process and exquisite flavor, is a testament to the beauty of aged teas. This bundle offers carefully selected Pu'er teas and all the essential teaware needed to embark on a Gongfu Cha journey, where each brew releases a mesmerizing dance of flavors and aromas. This bundle includes a stone ladle teapot, glass serving pitcher and strainer, as well as our hallmark Shu Pu’er Tea Cake. 

Pu’er Tea Gongfu Cha Bundle-image

Pu’er Tea Gongfu Cha Bundle

from $187

9. Seasonal Sachet Bundle: Savor the Warmth of the Winter Season 

Celebrate the magical flavors of winter with the Seasonal Sachet Bundle. Curated with love and care, this bundle offers a collection of limited-edition teas inspired by the seasonal cheer: Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon Plum and Cocoa Mint. From cozy spiced blends to festive dessert-inspired creations, each sachet is a sensory stroll through a winter wonderland, creating moments of joy and nostalgia that make for the perfect holiday gift. 

Seasonal Sachet Bundle-image

Seasonal Sachet Bundle

from $35.97

10. Oolong Tea Gongfu Cha Bundle: Uncover the Complexity of Oolong 

Ignite curiosity in the hearts of tea enthusiasts with the Oolong Tea Gongfu Cha Bundle. Journey into the intricate world of oolong teas, renowned for their refined taste and nuanced flavor profiles. From the floral and buttery notes of a high mountain oolong to the toasty richness of a roasted oolong, this bundle invites the recipient to join us on a voyage of discovery and appreciation for these captivating teas. This bundle includes 3 different oolongs (Ruby Oolong, Bao Zhong, and Iron Goddess of Mercy), as well as a traditional porcelain gaiwan and glass serving pitcher, for the optimal brewing experience. 

Oolong Tea Gongfu Cha Bundle-image

Oolong Tea Gongfu Cha Bundle

from $104

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A thoughtful tea gift can not only warm the senses but also create moments of tranquil connection. Embrace the joy of sharing your favorite teas with loved ones with a delightful and authentic tea experience. Choose from an array of gift offerings in our Holiday Shop and find one that speaks to your passion for tea and botanicals.