Black Tea Gift Set
Tea & Teaware Gift Box
Black Tea Gift Set
Black Tea Gift Set
Black Tea Gift Set

A selection of our finest loose leaf black teas – bold, richly layered pure teas and traditional blends beloved for their warming and uplifting energy - and a teapot to craft the perfect infusion.

Set includes: 
- 400ml Fluted Simple Brew glass teapot 
- 1/4 Lb Earl Grey Supreme loose leaf tea 
- 1/4 Lb Golden Yunnan loose leaf tea 
- 1/4 Lb Masala Chai loose leaf tea 
- 1/4 Lb Lemon Ginger loose leaf tea 

About This Product

Black teas are grown in all major tea regions, especially in India, Sir Lanka, China, Southeast Asia and Africa. This range of landscapes and growing climates for black tea creates a diverse collection of regional flavor profiles to explore. Black Tea, as it’s called in the West, is known as Hong Cha or “Red Tea” in Asia due to the reddish pigments that are produced when the tea leaves are rolled and oxidized. Black teas are the most widely consumed type of tea in the world. As you embark on your black tea journey, sample regionally to explore the nuances each origin offers.

In this gift set you will find a collection of some of our favorite black teas and a Simple Brew teapot, our versatile everyday teapot that is perfect for tasting your way through your black tea journey. Simply refer to the brewing instructions on each tea’s package to brew the finest cup of tea.

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