Exquisite, Curated Tea Gift Sets

Whether you’re starting from scratch or are already an avid tea enjoyer, our gift sets are an excellent way to share the joy of tea. Select from black, green, or botanical loose leaf tea, or a complete ceremonial matcha set to cater to any tea taste. All of our tea gift box sets come with brewing tools to get you started, letting tea enjoyers of any experience level or collection of teaware to enjoy aromatic, fragrant, and flavorful teas from Rishi.

How to Shop for a Tea Gift 

These bag sets of tea are ideal for beginner tea drinkers or anyone who already loves tea, allowing them to try and enjoy a wide variety of classic and unique teas without any preparation. The perfect tea box will contain some teas that the giftee may already enjoy, and a few teas they might not have tried before. For eclectic or regular tea drinkers, consider the Rishi Tea Club, which delivers a surprise, specially curated tea to your door, every month.


Each loose leaf tea set comes with 4 bags of loose leaf tea, based on your selection. The ceremonial matcha set comes with a container of ceremonial matcha and a full matcha set.

While the bags we ship our tea in are good for short-term or interim storage, we suggest storing your tea in a tea tin or similar opaque and airtight container to maintain the quality of our tea as long as possible.

The Rishi Tea Club is a great way to try many of the unique teas we have to offer, shipping a specially selected tea to your door, every month. Select from black, green, and botanical teas, or a collection of Rishi Favorites.

Teas For All Tastes

Whether you are brand new to the world of tea or have been enjoying tea for as long as you can remember, Rishi Tea & Botanicals has the perfect tea for you. We are dedicated to bringing flavorful, aromatic tea to tea drinkers of all kinds, offering worldwide staples and luxury teas alike. Using our long-standing producer contracts and our experienced team of tea connoisseurs, you can rest assured the tea you receive from Rishi will be carefully cared for and full of flavor.