Katacuhi Special Edition Tea Bowl
Artisan Handcrafted Matcha Bowl
Katacuhi Special Edition Tea Bowl
Katacuhi Special Edition Tea Bowl

Katacuhi Special Edition Tea Bowl

Perfect for pouring matcha or your favorite tea infusion, this Special Edition tea bowl is crafted with local soil from Chiang Mai. Hand crafted and embellished with gold to symbolize the old Lanna style, elevate your tea brewing experience with this artisanal, one-of-a kind piece selected from Thailand. 

About This Product

A graduate from Chiang Mai University in the faculty of Fine Arts, Techin Pintupan began his career working with sculptures and established the Tetang Pottery Studio in 2016. As a lover of Japanese and Thai cuisine, Techin states that his art is a picture that has become familiar to the eye from the beautiful country of Thailand in a simple and contemporary way.

The Katacuhi glaze and ceramic material used for this Special Edition Tea Bowl is sourced from the northern region of Thailand. The clay is crafted with local soil, glazed in a matte white finish and embellished with a gold enamel design.

Techin’s inspiration for this tea bowl came from his love for Japanese matcha. He has created various matcha tea cups and tea bowls. The gold and white glaze symbolize old Lanna style temples seen in various temples in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The unique spotted effect on this tea bowl are transformed from clay minerals. Fired at a temperature of 1250°C, the gold symbolism from Techin’s eye for contemporary art pays tribute to the significant beauty seen around Thailand in temples, pagodas, Buddha statues and many more.




3.5" H x 5.6" W