Give the Gift of Travel: Experience the World with Rishi's Tea Flight Bundles

Give the Gift of Travel: Experience the World with Rishi's Tea Flight Bundles

Just like a fine wine can transport you to regional terroirs, our Tea Flight Bundles are a passport to the various regions of tea, from Japan to Southeast Asia. What better way to gift someone the thrill of adventure than through a unique tea experience.


November 06, 2023


Rishi Tea



At Rishi, we believe in the power of the tea experience, to not only awaken the senses, but transport us to a different place through the ever-evolving nuances contained in a cup of tea. We cherish these moments that reveal different corners of the globe, expressing the beauty and diversity of our world. And what better way to gift someone the thrill of adventure than through a unique tea experience. 

Our Tea Flight Bundles are a passport to the various regions of tea, where every sip is a journey of flavor, aroma, and culture. Just like a fine wine can transport you to the rolling vineyards of France or the lush valleys of Napa, our teas can carry you to the serene tea gardens of Japan, the mystical mountains of Taiwan, the vibrant landscapes of China, and the tropical beauty of Southeast Asia. It's a sensory expedition you won't want to miss. 

Japan Flight of Tea

Featuring 4 unique Japanese green teas, this bundle expresses Japan’s varying tea processing techniques like shading or roasting, for a diverse collection of tastings.

Sencha: Dive into the pristine green hills of Japan with this classic Japanese green tea, known for its vibrant emerald color and grassy notes. 

Genmaicha: Experience the rustic charm of Japan with this blend of green tea and toasted rice, offering a delightful nuttiness and a touch of popcorn aroma. 

Kukicha: Embark on a journey through Kyoto's bamboo forests with this tea made from stems and twigs, boasting a light and refreshing taste. 

Houjicha: Roasted to perfection, this tea brings you to the heart of a Japanese tea ceremony, offering a warm, toasty flavor. 

Japan Flight of Tea Bundle-image

Japan Flight of Tea Bundle

from $62

Tea leaves growing in Japan

Tea garden in Kagoshima, Japan

China Flight of Tea

Traveling across various regions in China, this bundle of 4 Chinese teas includes distinct tea types: green, white, black, and pu’er, each with their own story and various tasting notes. 

Jade Cloud: Ascend to the misty mountains of China and enjoy the gentle, vegetal notes of this green tea. 

Silver Needles: Experience the elegance of Chinese white tea with delicate silver needle leaves, embodying purity and subtlety. 

Golden Yunnan: Take a voyage to Yunnan's golden fields and savor the sweet, malty richness of this exquisite black tea. 

Pu'er Classic: Venture into the ancient tea forests of Yunnan with this fermented pu’er tea that unveils deep, earthy flavors. 

China Flight of Tea Bundle-image

China Flight of Tea Bundle

from $84.50

Tea gardens in Hubei, China

Taiwan Flight of Tea 

Our bundle of 3 Taiwan teas includes our best-selling oolongs, each hand selected from our core assortment and sure to delight oolong fans looking for fragrant, aromatic teas. 

Iron Goddess of Mercy: Set foot in the mystical temples with this delicately roasted oolong tea, revealing floral and buttery notes. 

Four Seasons: Embrace the changing seasons with this oolong tea, offering a fruity and fragrant profile. 

Bao Zhong: Wander through the tea gardens by enjoying the lightly oxidized, floral flavors of this tea. 

Taiwan Flight of Tea Bundle-image

Taiwan Flight of Tea Bundle

from $65.50

Tea garden in Taiwan

Southeast Asia Flight of Tea 

Showcasing 3 different types of teas from Southeast Asian, this bundle expresses the rich energy of ancient heirloom trees found in the remote regions between Burma, Northern Thailand and Laos. 

Wild Thai Green: Connect with the lush jungles of Northern Thailand through this green tea, brimming with freshness and vitality. 

Ruby Oolong: Take in the vibrant infusion and complex layers of this slow-baked, rich and fruity oolong tea. 

English Breakfast: Start your day with this robust and malty black tea, made uniquely with ancient broadleaf Assamica tea trees. 

Southeast Asia Flight of Tea Bundle-image

Southeast Asia Flight of Tea Bundle

from $40.50

Tea being harvested in Doi Chiang Dao, Thailand

Tea leaves harvested in Northern Thailand

Each of our Tea Flight Bundles includes 3 or 4 quarter-pound or 50-gram bags of loose-leaf tea, each meticulously sourced to reveal the unique flavor profiles of their style and origin. As you sip and savor, you'll find yourself transported to these distant lands. With every cup there is a celebration of the art and tradition of tea. 

At Rishi Tea & Botanicals, we are passionate about bringing the world's finest teas and botanicals to your cup. As always, we are committed to organic sourcing and direct trade relationships, ensuring that every sip you take connects you to the hands and hearts behind each leaf. 

This holiday season, give the gift of travel, discovery and connection with Rishi’s Tea Flight Bundles. Share the world, one cup at a time. 

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