Chiang Mai Red Tea
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Chiang Mai Red Tea
Chiang Mai Red Tea
Chiang Mai Red Tea
Chiang Mai Red Tea
Chiang Mai Red Tea

Chiang Mai Red Tea

One of our top-rated teas from our 2024 Garden Direct selections and a must try for black & red tea lovers.

About 18 Cups Of Tea


Strong and rich with a vibrant red infusion and layers of flavor

About This Tea

This batch of red tea from Doi Pu Muen is extremely rich with a vibrant red infusion that is chewy and gelatinous. The strength, energy and layers of flavor this tea shares are from the original essence of this remote growing region. This tea is bold and super malty with hints of cherry, cassia and caramelized cookies. It is one of the top-rated red teas from our 2024 selections and is a must try for black-red tea lovers.

Doi Pu Muen is a Lahu ethnic community located in the Chiang Mai Province of Northern Thailand. This remote area is picturesque, surrounded by lush forests and nature trails, including the Nguang Chang "Elephant Trunk” waterfall. The villages in this mountain still lack electricity and there is no tea factory here, so we work with our local friends to transport fresh leaf to our base in Thailand so we can make red teas, white teas and Pu’er teas with the unique leaf of this area. This area has a large population of Assam variety old tea trees and a local type of broad leaf tea with ruby red leaves noted for its strong energy and bold flavor when used to ferment red tea. In 1979, HM King Rama IX of Thailand designated Pu Muen as a “tea village” and encouraged tea cultivation to replace drug crops. Today, tea cultivation has enhanced the local Lahu tribe’s incomes and agricultural activities. The Pu Muen area has a special micro-climate and local tea variety that is very special and unlike others in Thailand.


Black tea


Doi Pu Muen, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand


Assam Old Trees


April - May 2024


1400 - 1600 meters

  • Imperial
  • Metric
Traditional Tea Preparation

Add 6-7g to a gaiwan or gongfu teapot (per 150ml-200ml).

Use 212°F boiling water.

Decant 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th infusions after 45 seconds. The tea infuses fast and gives out its strength in the beginning of the session. Brew the tea several times until the taste weakens. Increase the infusion time to your taste preference after you become familiar with the tea.

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