White Peony King Tea Cake
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White Peony King Tea Cake
White Peony King Tea Cake
White Peony King Tea Cake

White Peony King Tea Cake

White Peony King, or Bai Mu Dan Wang, is the grand cru of White Peony tea.

28+ Servings


Golden nectar, oceanic,

umami, sweet and soft spice

About this tea

White Peony King, or Bai Mu Dan Wang, is the grand cru of White Peony tea. The spring season’s new growth – one leaf and one bud – from select tea bush cultivars such as Fuding Da Bai or Fuding Da Hao must be harvested during brief periods of sunshine amid the generally foggy coastal air of Fuding, Fujian to produce such a stellar tea. The tender leaf and bud plucks exude fresh energy and are covered with silvery-white trichomes, showcasing the classic appearance of downy white tea. This 2022 vintage of White Peony shows a golden infusion with a rich taste and silky-smooth body. The umami and sweet aftertaste are long with subtle aromas of honey, soft spice and oceanic breeze. White tea is minimally processed without firing or rolling. White tea cakes mature to ripeness more rapidly than Sheng Pu’er and other teas, so as time passes, new flavors and nuances can be appreciated each year of aging. There is a saying amongst tea lovers that fresh white tea is but a tea, while 3-year white tea is a medicine and 7-year aged white tea is a treasure.


White tea


Fuding, Fujian Province, China


Fuding Da Hao “Big Hair” & Fuding Da Bai “Big White”


March - April


500 - 700 meters

  • Imperial
  • Metric
Traditional Tea Preparation

Chip the cake carefully with a pick or Pu’er dagger.

Add 7g-8g to a gaiwan or gongfu teapot (per 150ml-200ml).

Use 212°F boiling water.

Briefly rinse leaves for 5 seconds. Decant and discard this rinse infusion. Proceed to infuse the tea using boiling water. Enjoy each infusion individually and savor the flavors of each round.

Decant 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th infusions after 45 seconds. The tea infuses fast and gives out its strength in the beginning of the session. Brew the tea several times until the taste weakens. Increase the infusion time to your taste preference after you become familiar with the tea.

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Fujian Province, China

The coastal town of Fuding is located in China's Fujian province, a famous white tea producing region situated in mist-enshrouded mountainsides that overlook an estuary flowing to the sea. The savory quality in the white teas grown in Fuding is attributed to the maritime air and oceanic minerals and basalt content in the rich soil of these gardens.

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