Yulu Jade Dew
Organic Garden Direct Green Tea
Yulu Jade Dew
Yulu Jade Dew
Yulu Jade Dew

This green tea is crafted from the famed Long Jing #43 cultivar.

25+ Servings


Evergreen, bright,

wormwood, bittersweet,

chrysanthemum and white pine

About this tea

This green tea is crafted from the famed Long Jing #43 cultivar. The processing method of this tea was adapted from an old style steamed green tea known as Enshi Yulu, “Jade Dew from Enshi.” This was a Tribute Tea during the Qing dynasty and is considered one of the historical precursors of temomi sencha and early gyokuro adapted by the Japanese tea makers. This Yulu Jade Dew is made by steaming, cooling down, hand-kneading the leaf into a pristine pine needle shape and then gently drying on heated tables and light baking until the shape and aroma is fixed. The result is a vibrant and smooth cup with plenty of rich umami and alpine spring green tea taste. During the 1600s, Japanese Taoist students traveling in the Enshi region (famous for its remote forests and Taoist temples) experienced this style of green tea processing and took inspiration back to Japan for the making of sencha and refined steamed green teas. Steamed tea lovers will refresh in this cup.


Green tea


Jin Long Ping Village, Xuan’en County, Hubei Province, China


Long Jing #43 


March - September


700 - 900 meters

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Jin Long Ping

Xuan’en County, Hubei Province, China

We work with tea farmers in the remote, high elevation tea gardens of Xuan En county. Nestled amongst the forested Wuling Mountain range, which rolls into western Hubei province from neighboring Sichuan province, these farms create an ideal climate for organic tea with an exceptionally unique character.

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