Greek Mountain Tea Raeseri
Caffeine-Free Pure Botanical
Greek Mountain Tea Raeseri
Greek Mountain Tea Raeseri
Greek Mountain Tea Raeseri

Greek Mountain Tea Raeseri

Grown in high elevation gardens upon the beautiful slopes of Mount Othrys, this botanical tea has a long-lasting sweet and savory character best enjoyed over several infusions.

About 10 Cups Of Tea


Savory and herbaceous with notes of honey, chamomile, wild mint and sage.

About This Tea

Greek Mountain Tea, or sideritis, is derived from the Greek word "sideros," meaning iron, thanks to the ancient folk tales of the Sideritis plant’s healing effect on wounds caused by iron weapons. The Sideritis plant is an original wild herb that is generally known as "Tsai Tou Vounou" in Greek (Tea of the Mountain). The many varieties of Sideritis “Greek Mountain Tea” are some of the most previous and revered medicinal plants in Greek history.

In the past, Greek Mountain Tea was only foraged in the wild. It was considered a bee-feeding plant for honey production and only small quantities of Mountain Tea were collected for making tea by the people living in the mountainous regions. For centuries, the Sideritis Wild Mountain Tea varieties were held as precious herbal panaceas with limited production and distribution. Only in the recent century has it become a widely cultivated medicinal plant.

Greek Mountain Tea has a rich and long history. Its reputation as a healthy panacea tea is powerful but most of all, Greek Mountain Tea tastes really amazing and there are different varieties of Mountain Tea that can be enjoyed. Sideritis Raeseri has a mild and balanced sweetness with herbaceous notes of chamomile and wild mint.


Sideritis Raeseri


Mount Othrys, Greece


Sideritis Raeseri


June 2023


1300 meters

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Traditional Tea Preparation

Heat water in a kettle to 200°F / 93°C.
Break 4-5 stalks, or 5 grams, into a 12 ounce (400mL) teapot.
Pour hot water over the herbs in the teapot and steep for 5 minutes or longer.
Decant and enjoy!
Note: These herbs can be infused for several rounds until the flavor and aroma dissipates.

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