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Lookbook Vol 3.1

Lookbook Vol 3.1


Step 3: Store Your Tea Appropriately

How you store your tea will have a big impact on its shelf life and the overall quality of the tea you serve at your restaurant or café.

Bartender's Guide to Tea

Rishi has recipes and inspiration photos for any type of cocktail creation. Tea and botanicals can easily be infused into spirits or made as a strong brew to be the base of delicious beverages, either spirits-based or alcohol-free.

Step 5: Create a Physical Tea Menu

A well-crafted and printed tea menu fosters unique and exclusive experiences at your property that will help differentiate your distinctive offerings. Giving your tea space on the menu will increase sales and give your customer a sense of value, excitement and wonder.

Matcha: Tips and Tricks for Fast-Paced Cafes and Restaurants

If you don’t have Matcha on your menu, you’re missing out on revenue. Here are some easy tips & tricks to make matcha more approachable for your space.

Chai Tea at Your Cafe

Chai has become a quintessential beverage on café menus. There are quite a few techniques you can choose from for your recipe solution. 

Step 1: Select Your Type of Service

An important aspect to consider, and perhaps one of the first, is your type of service and brewing method. Depending on the level of business, type of customer, and size of your café, many options exist to best serve you and your guests. Rishi Tea & Botanicals offers loose leaf tea and multiple sachet formats to allow you to cultivate creative offerings no matter the type of tea service you plan to provide.

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