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Botanical & Herbal Teas

Herbal teas and botanicals is a broad category that can include any steeped beverage that uses herbs, botanicals, fruits, flowers or spices. Our award-winning Herbal Tea blends offer a range of flavors and functions for any taste or season.




What Rishi Tea Drinkers
Are Saying

"This is by far the best Earl Grey tea I have had. I drink a lot of tea and only drink Rishi Earl Grey. You will love the flavor. "


Earl Grey Supreme

Rich | Citrusy | Floral

"I don't believe there is a better green tea you can get in a bag. The evidence is in the bright, even, grassy green color this tea makes."


Matcha Super Green

Sweet | Smooth | Umami

"I love this tea - the richness of it is amazing, and it relaxes me with the ginger and turmeric. Such a winner :)"


Turmeric Ginger

Spicy | Zesty | Fragrant

"This tea is absolutely amazing! I feel immediate uplifting effects after consuming. Rishi has the best quality tea that I have found on any shelf thus far."


Blueberry Hibiscus

Vibrant | Tart | Luscious

"This is seriously the BEST chai concentrate out there. It's incredible and has such a great spice. I'll never go back to another brand."


Masala Chai Concentrate

Spicy | Rich | Fragrant

"This is my first tasting of oolong tea and I'm in love! It's flavor is delicate yet robust and floral. Absolutely delicious, my new favorite tea."


Iron Goddess of Mercy

Roasty | Dried Fruit | Smooth

"Delicious and satisfying. It's delicate enough to drink without doctoring but also bold enough to hold up to cream and honey. An absolute delight."


Golden Yunnan

Malty | Jammy | Mellow

Premium Organic Herbal Teas

Rishi Tea & Botanicals offers organically produced herbal and botanical teas with a highly consistent quality and flavor. We artfully blend our selections of aromatic tea leaves, flowers, spices and fruits to develop a delicious tea profile that highlights the premium ingredients we source. These caffeine-free teas are excellent companions to a slow weekend morning or busy work meetings. Whether you need a healthful sip to invigorate your body or a bright brew to clarify your mind, Rishi Tea has a tea for you.

How to Brew Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

Our botanical and herbal blends are simple to brew — to get the best quality, we suggest brewing 1.5 tablespoons (~7 grams) of tea with 12 ounces of boiling-hot water (200ºF) and steeping for about 5 minutes. The longer and hotter suggested brewing time leads to a fuller, more flavorful cup that can properly extract the bold botanical flavors from our teas. Over-steeping herbal varieties can result in a flat, muddled-tasting cup that loses nuance and florality.


Almost all of our pure botanical options are caffeine-free, however some of our botanical options are blended with teas that may contain caffeine. Take a look at a specific tea’s product page to confirm its caffeine content.

At Rishi Tea & Botanicals, we source our teas through Direct Trade, a process that goes even further than Fair Trade certification to support producers and communities around the globe. By creating dedicated, authentic and long-term relationships, we are able to directly work with farmers to get them the most returns from their production. By regularly investing in these relationships and maintaining our high ethical standards, we are able to promote equitable and sustainability in the tea industry.

Yes! While not all of our teas are available in a pre-packaged form, our most popular botanical and herbal options are available in biodegradable tea bags — perfect for quick brewing.

Technically, no. All true tea is made with leaves harvested from a single plant species called Camellia sinensis. Colloquially, the word “tea” is often used to refer to many herbs and botanicals that are brewed with hot water, although these plants are not technically tea.

Not at all. While green teas are typically pure blends of leaves from the tea plant, herbal and botanical varieties tend not to contain any of these leaves at all. Instead, our herbal varieties are filled with herbs, spices and flowers for a unique, floral and largely caffeine-free tea experience.

Sourcing Unique Origins from Around the World

Rishi Tea is dedicated to providing consistent, flavorful and premium teas through sustainable and equitable sourcing processes. We craft our tea selections in-house to provide the most robust, nuanced and flavorful teas we can, with unique varietals of tea from all regions of the world. Explore our tea store to find exquisite offerings for experienced tea experts and newcomers alike, sure to please any palate.