Spring in March

Spring in March

A refreshing blend of matcha first flush and Magnolia, which blooms in March to signal spring.


December 12, 2023






  • 80g / 3 oz Tonic water
  • 16g / 0.5 oz Magnolia syrup
  • 20g / 1 oz Teahouse Matcha base
  • Optional spritz: 10g / 0.35 oz Kinobi Gin
  • Rosemary


1. Fill the cup with two-thirds full of ice cubes
2. Fill the cup with 80g tonic water first, be careful not to pour directly over ice
3. Add 16g of magnolia syrup
4. Add 20g of matcha base
5. Optional spritz: 10g Kinobi Gin
6. Garnish with rosemary

Matcha base recipe for 15 cups
1. Use 6g Peach Blossom loose leaf tea in 100ml of water and steep at 185ºF for 5 minutes
2. Add 200ml water
3. Cold brew in the refrigerator for 14 hours
4. After straining the tea leaves, add 10g Teahouse matcha 1st and whisk

This recipe has been carefully crafted by our partners at Rishi Tea Korea. Rishi Tea Korea helps supply the Korean customer base with Rishi Tea & Botanicals products, educate in traditional tea practices, and inspire innovative ways to enjoy tea. We’re thrilled to share in the culture of tea with our partners in Korea!