Volume: 195ml
About this product

Artist: 陳俞壯 Chen Yu-Chuang
Lunar Year: 辛丑 Xin Chou (Lunar Year 2021)

Taiwan handmade master teapots are uniquely crafted wares. The superb throwing technique creates a thin-body teapot with a balanced design, which has both aesthetic and practical functions. The clay is imported from Japan and is semi-porcelain clay, with dense soil, moderate viscosity, coarse texture, featuring fewer impurities and pores, which is suitable for high-temperature sintering to create a thin-body teapot. The pottery master also added unique rock ore and minerals from Miaoli, Taiwan, which changes the color of the pottery. This can also increase the firing temperature (above 1130°C), creating the semi-porcelain effect. The unique thin-body and internal structure of the semi-porcelain, gives it good heat dissipation. The teapot will not over-absorb the tea essence and change the characteristics of the tea. All of these features allow for this pot to be suitable for all types of tea.

The calendar system used since ancient times is based on a system called “The 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly Branches.” Each combines with one another to form 60 cycles in a pattern, which is referred to the stem-branch calendar, equal to 60 years. This system is still frequently used today for creating calendars, astrology, calculations and naming other aspects of time keeping. The year cycle that corresponds to when this teapot was created is the 辛丑 Xin Chou, or Earth Ox Year.

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