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Garden Direct Seasonal Tea

Garden Direct Seasonal Tea

Rishi's Garden Direct line of tea offers the world's finest seasonal teas that are rare, unique and delicious. The seasonal teas we offer are based on the traditional harvest calendar and many are not available elsewhere in North America.
Tangyan Burma Raw Tea Cake Vintage 2019
Petrichor, savory, bright and fresh energy with single multi-florals similar to classic Iris & Orchids “Zhi Lan Xiang” tea fragrance and some slight roast resonance
Item No.: MLPC19360-RP
Tsuji San's Matcha Asahi
Velvety mouthfeel with hints of macadamia nut and kombu.
Item No.: MA30-RP
Nakanishi San’s Uji Matcha
Lively, cocoa, dark bittersweet chocolate, crème anglaise, whipped cream, deep umami balanced with amazing tannin structure and finishes with evergreen complexity
Item No.: ONUM30-RP


Garden Direct is a carefully curated selection of single-origin seasonal teas. They are packaged fresh at origin and sent via air freight to our warehouse in Milwaukee, WI so we can share these most cherished teas at their peak freshness.
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Tsuji San's Matcha Samidori
Unctuous aroma with silken, creamy mouthfeel and savory umami reminiscent of uni.
Item No.: MS30-RP
Wa Shan Sheng Pu'er Cake Vintage 2018
corn silk, bitter orange blossom, artichoke
Item No.: OYPC200-RP
GABA Hong Yu 18 Whisky Barrel Aged
Sweet orange, sherry cask single malt scotch, plum, raisin, allspice
Item No.: GHYBAT100-RP
Cangyuan Sheng Tea Cake Vintage 2021
This lively and strong tea cake is fruity and deep with notes of resinous woods, peach and olive leaves
Item No.: OPCSC21200-RP
Okabe Gyokuro
Rich umami, deep sweetness, mushroom dashi, vegan “bone broth”, density
Item No.: GOBL50-RP
Uji Homare Gyokuro
Balance of umami and sweetness with aromatic complexity from aged and blended cultivars. Classic blue-green essence and vibrancy of the Uji tea terroir. 
Item No.: UHGYO50-RP
Wa Shan Shu Pu'er Cake Vintage 2018
Smooth and silky with a deep fermentation taste and sweet, malty notes
Item No.: OWSSPC200-RP
Yame Koga Gyokuro
Sweet umami with notes of spring dew and chestnut
Item No.: YKGYO50-RP
Yame Hoshino Gyokuro
Dark chocolate aroma, toasted hazelnut, hijiki, deep umami sweetness and gentle roast
Item No.: YHGYO50-RP
Wa Shan Sheng Pu'er Cake Vintage 2022
This vintage is bittersweet with notes of olive leaf, magnolia and emerging camphor and resinous aromas
Item No.: OPCSC22200-RP
Li Shan Lot 3 Winter Harvest
Rich taste of fruits and flowers, frangipani, passionfruit, golden tea soup
Item No.: LSWGSCW3100-RP
Ha Giang Shan Tuyet Green Tea
Vibrant energy, cornsilk sweetness, sweet potato, savory and bittersweet sharpness
Item No.: OGT1B100-RP