Garden Direct

Garden Direct teas encapsulate the Grand Cru of loose leaf teas available today. Rishi Tea & Botanicals carefully selects and curates only the best expressions of each limited edition tea in the collection. The quality of each tea is a reflection of the place, season of harvest, and terroir.



Enjoy Luxury Teas at Home

Experience exquisite and premium tea from all around the world, featuring a rotating selection of the best limited-edition teas we can source. Delight the senses and enrich your next tea time with teas that are celebrated around the world for their quality, aroma, flavor and texture, featuring profiles rarely seen or achieved in tea production. Select from coveted single-origin, luxury teas and botanicals, recognizable for their provenance and exceptionality.

How to Brew Garden Direct Premium Teas

Each of the luxury teas we offer in our Garden Direct collection are extremely unique, and have individual optimal methods for brewing and preparing these teas. Especially those suited to brewing in a gaiwan or as part of a gongfu service. In general, however, we suggest brewing 1 teaspoon of tea with 4 to 6 ounces of very hot water, steeping until your desired strength is reached.


Our Garden Direct teas, like all of our other teas and botanicals, are sourced through our Direct Trade relationships. Through our close partnerships with tea farmers, we are able to source these seasonal and limited edition teas while directly benefiting the farms we build our long-standing contracts with.

Yes! In fact, we encourage it. These teas are incredibly rich and unique, and their flavors will develop as they are re-brewed during a tea service. See the individual packaging for more guidance.

These high-grade, luxury teas should be stored like any other tea. Store them in a cool place in an airtight tea container, away from sunlight and heat. Excess light, oxygen, and heat can degrade the aromas and quality of these carefully prepared teas, significantly degrading the profile.

Garden Direct teas are premium teas that we feel are truly representative of the terroir they come from. These teas are curated and chosen for their quality and flavor, but also how well they represent the unique tea varietals produced in a particular region. Garden Direct teas are the most limited edition teas we carry, as they are only available through the specialized relationships we build with our producers and farmers.

Prepare High-Quality Loose Leaf Tea in High-Quality Teaware

Elevate your tea time with our exceptional collection of teaware. Select from our assortment of teapots, cups, storage and serving ware to fill your tea cabinet with all of the implements you need to make amazing tea. We offer pots and bowls that serve tea brewing traditions from all around the world, including gaiwan pots, matcha bowls and many more tea wares to sustain your tea journey.