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Organic Oolong Tea - Loose Leaf

Organic Oolong Tea - Loose Leaf

Oolong teas are highly sought-after by tea connoisseurs for their wonderfully complex aromatic profiles and are some of the most artisanal teas in the world.
Bao Zhong
A delicate palate with aromas of lilac and orchid
Item No.: BZ-OP
Earl Green
Refreshing with the alluring aromas of bergamot oranges, citrus blossoms and lilacs
Item No.: EG-OP


Oolong teas are considered “semi-oxidized,” meaning the extent of oxidation falls between green and black tea. This is achieved with a tremendous skill and intense focus from the...

Eastern Beauty
Honey, guay hua, dulce de leche, tropical flowers, bitter orange
Item No.: OOBBH50-RP
Four Seasons Spring
Aromatic and flavorful with notes of fresh-cut gardenia, freesia blossoms and tropical fruits
Item No.: JO-OP
Four Seasons Spring Lot PS 1
Light fermentation, fresh and green style. Very clear fragrance with long lasting gardenia and lilac floral notes. This tea is cooling and refreshing. 
Item No.: FSSP1SP22100-RP
Four Seasons Spring Lot PS 2
Dense and vigorous with strength and balance of fruity and multi-florals. This tea has heady notes of ripe pineapple and a strong gardenia flowery aroma. This tea is energizing and lively.  
Item No.: FSSP2SP22100-RP
Iron Goddess of Mercy (Tieguanyin)
Smooth and rich with aromas of roasted chestnut and notes of dried apricot
Item No.: IGOM-OP
Iron Goddess of Mercy Premium Roast
Black Sugar, cream, waffle, classic oolong
Item No.: DBJO100-RP
$40.00 Out of stock
Li Shan Spring Harvest Taiwanese Gao Shan Cha
Bright, fresh, green apple, lily, elegance
Item No.: LSGSC3SP2250-RP
Phoenix Dancong Ao Fu Hou
Iris & Orchids, Lan Hua, Gardenia, muscat grapes, green plum
Item No.: DCOAFY100-RP