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Darjeeling, Nepal & Himalayan Teas

Darjeeling, Nepal & Himalayan Teas

Located in the Himalayan Mountain Range Darjeeling tea is a Geographically Indicated product. The Himalayas and Darjeeling are world renowned for the special tea they produce.
Darjeeling First Flush Lingia EX2
orchid, lilac and Concord grape
Item No.: OLGAFFEX221100-RP
$32.00 Out of stock
Darjeeling First Flush Marybong DJ7
Tuberose, champagne grapes, slight Muscatel, orchid and jasmine with fruity confection notes and good tannin to balance
Item No.: OMBFFDJ721100-RP
Darjeeling First Flush Pussimbing DJ5
classic Muscatel, magnolia, wintergreen, Natal plum flowers and honey wine
Item No.: OPSSFFDJ521100-RP
$38.00 Out of stock
Darjeeling Second Flush Tumsong EX6
grape Muscatel, floral notes of iris and aromas of peach
Item No.: OTSFEX621100-RP
Darjeeling Second Flush Chamong DJ70
luscious peach, floral
Item No.: OCSFDJ7021100-RP
Himalayan Spring J9
Fresh florals including a distinct lily of the valley note, Lan Hua and layered balance of challenging tannin, aroma and umami
Item No.: OHSPJ92150-RP
Himalayan White J11A
Fresh floral bouquet of iris and orchids, hint of ripe peach with a brisk and elegant tannin structure
Item No.: OHIMWJ11A2150-RP
Himalayan White J3B
White peach, lily, fresh cassia, deep umami, lively, complex structure and quenching presence
Item No.: OHIMWJ3B2150-RP
Darjeeling First Flush Tumsong EX3
Extraordinarily floral with iris, orchid, nectarine and lily of the valley
Item No.: OTUMFFEX321100-RP
$40.00 Out of stock