Yunnan Teas

Yunnan Province is home to some of the oldest tea trees and tea cultures in existence. The Yunnan Province is mountainous and remote. Its name, “Yunnan” translates as ‘South of the Clouds.’



Black Teas from the Birthplace of Tea

Home to some of the oldest tea trees in the world, the Yunnan province of China has long been regarded as the birthplace of tea, where it was first discovered that tea could be enjoyed as we enjoy it today. With a relatively stable and mild climate that feels like spring year-round, the tea produced here is fully oxidized, with common notes consisting of smoke, cocoa and black pepper. Many Yunnan black teas are also aged into a Pu’er, offering an extra layer of earthiness, depth and complexity.

How to Brew Chinese Yunnan Teas

The Pu’er and black Yunnan teas we offer can be enjoyed through the traditional tea preparation methods, with either a Gaiwan or Gongfu teapot, or with a standard teapot, such as our glass Simple Brew teapot. We suggest brewing 1 tablespoon of tea per 5 ounces of water, using boiling water. Teas should be “rinsed” by washing with boiling water for 5-10 seconds, and discarding the first wash. Subsequent washes can be infused for 20-30 seconds, and rebrewed 4 to 5 times.


Not necessarily. Aside from the base aging required to dry and oxidize the tea leaves, only Pu’er teas receive further aging or fermentation as part of their production.

You certainly can. While traditional preparation allows you to enjoy the varying aromas, layered flavors and development of the tea over time, these teas can also be brewed in Western-style teapots or sachets.

As these teas are carefully prepared, oxidized and aged, the nuance and depth of their flavor should be carefully preserved. These teas should be stored in their sealed packaging in an opaque, airtight and watertight tea container in a cool place or in a cabinet away from heat. Excess heat, oxygen, light or moisture can cause tea to degrade, compromising its quality.

Enjoy Limited Edition Teas From Unique Origins

Many of the teas in this collection are also part of our Garden Direct collection, through which Rishi Tea & Botanicals is able to source seasonal and luxury teas directly from the source. Using our long-term and closely held Direct Trade relationships, we are able to source and distribute celebrated and unique teas that cannot be grown anywhere else in the world. Learn more about our tea relationships, and explore the kinds of tea products we can bring to your home.