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Store your teas away from sunlight and keep other flavors or odors out with our range of Tea Storage containers.



Maintain Quality with Tea Organizers

Secure the quality of any loose leaf or sachet tea with Rishi’s collection of tea tins and containers. Exposure to sunlight, oxygen and moisture are common elements that cause tea to degrade in quality, muting the complexity and aromas that our fragrant teas are well known for. Rather than keeping your teas out in the open or in clear containers, our collection of opaque, airtight and moisture-proof storage vessels are great ways to maintain the high quality of your favorite Rishi teas as long as possible, enabling you to fully enjoy the complex aromas and flavors we are known for. 

How to Care for Tea Organizers

Tea tins are simple to use – simply place your bag of loose leaf tea into the container, and store it in a cool, dry place like your pantry or cupboard. For further maintenance of the storage tin, wash with soap and warm water after all the tea is used up, and allow to completely air dry before storing further tea. For full peace of mind, dry the tea organizer with a microfiber towel to completely remove any moisture or oils from previous teas, which can affect the flavor and longevity of future tea storage.


These tea storage solutions are an excellent way to keep your tea away from sunlight, oxygen and moisture – all things that will quickly degrade or spoil your high-quality teas. While the stand-up pouch bags our loose leaf teas come in do protect the teas, a tea storage container further protects it from the elements.

No. While other materials, such as iron or clay, can react with products and alter the flavor, these containers will not react with the products you store in it.

Most teas are good in a tin for 6 months to a year. Fermented or aged teas, such as Pu-er or aged white teas, can last indefinitely and may even improve from further aging.

Stock your Shelves with Excellent Teas

Rishi Tea & Botanicals supplies you with excellent tasting, deeply aromatic teas from all around the world. Maintain the quality of your favorite green teas, or age your exquisite Pu-ers even further. Regardless of which teas you enjoy, Rishi has the tools and techniques to help you craft beverages you will love.