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Explore the best detox and digestion-boosting teas we have to offer. Featuring nourishing herbs and wholesome botanicals, these teas are sure to keep you running right.



Aromatic Teas for Wellness

Arm your medicine cabinet with nourishing teas and tonics to help you reset. Prepare cleansing teas to promote wellness with single-origin teas and tea blends that are well-regarded and renowned for their cleansing, refreshing and nourishing ingredients. Bring a new sense of freshness to your next tea ceremony with our wide array of detox teas.

How to Use Digestion and Detox Teas

Our digestion teas are available in a wide variety of forms including sachets, loose leaf and tea cakes. We suggest referring to each product page to find the proper brewing ratio and temperature for these teas, but a good rule of thumb is to brew 2 grams of tea leaves for each 8 ounces of water, adjusting for taste.

Many tea drinkers enjoy these teas alongside morning meals or after dinner. Our caffeine-free varieties are suitable for a mid-day break between tasks, or as a part of a bedtime wind-down routine. Full of calming botanicals and herbs, these are the best detox teas to pair with your wellness routine.


Tea cakes are a very traditional form of tea packaging that are still used today. To prepare tea from a cake, simply break off the amount of tea you want to brew, using a scale or spoon measure for a guide and brew like you would a loose leaf tea.

There are many aromatic ingredients included in these teas that have traditionally been used to promote health in the body. Spices such as ginger, saffron and turmeric are delicious and calming while helping to cleanse the body of toxins and contaminants.

Absolutely. Herbal teas like chamomile or jasmine do well with an iced tea preparation, while certain green teas and Pu’er may taste better using a cold brew method. We recommend you experiment and see what best suits your tastes.

In response to gut health, these teas contain many spices and florals — such as peppermint, ginger and osmanthus — that may help to promote a clean-running and healthy digestive system.

Excellent Teas To Keep You Running

At Rishi Tea & Botanicals, we believe tea is more than just a beverage. Tea can be a nourishing tool to help support your wellness. In addition to our digestion teas, we also offer a variety of mood-based teas to help you find just the right tea for your time of day! Energize, calm down or focus up, and brew a pot of tea to be ready for any challenge.

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