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Riff Mountains, Morocco

Riff Mountains, Morocco


January 02, 2017


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The Riff Mountains, located in northern Morocco, hold a significant place in the aromatic and culinary herbs trade. The region's unique geography, characterized by rugged mountains, fertile valleys, and a Mediterranean climate, has fostered the growth of a diverse array of herbs and plants. The Riff Mountains have a long-standing history dating back to ancient times, where the indigenous Berber communities cultivated and traded aromatic and culinary herbs. This region is particularly known for the production of herbs such as thyme, oregano, rosemary, and sage, which are highly sought-after for their aromatic properties and culinary uses. The Riff Mountains' herbs trade has not only become an essential part of the local economy but has also contributed to the cultural heritage of Morocco. The herbs from this region are valued for their distinct flavors, fragrances, and healing properties, making them an integral component of Moroccan cuisine and traditional medicine. The Riff Mountains continue to be a vital source of high-quality herbs, attracting both local and international buyers who appreciate the rich and authentic flavors that these herbs bring to their dishes and products.