Hekisuien Matcha Sapphire
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Hekisuien Matcha Sapphire
An exclusive blend for Rishi by Hekisuien, this matcha exudes freshness, vibrancy, strength and high energy. The umami and deep resonance of taste is unique and elegant.

Deep umami, elegant bitter-sweetness, flowery meadow and vibrant energy.

About This Tea

There are many tea companies in Kyoto that specialize in Matcha and Gyokuro but we only partner with a select few that stand out from all the others. Since 2010, we have studied and worked with the Kyoto based company Hekisuien, which is focused on traditional and ultra-premium gyokuro and matcha. Our old friend Mr. Hisaki Horri is an 8th generation tea maker and the current CEO of Hekisuien, which is his family’s business that was established in 1867. Hekisuien uses blending techniques that combine different cultivars and vintages from the key growing regions of Uji to shape a unique taste and quality unlike other gyokuro and matcha producers. Hekisuien’s focus is not so much on single cultivar, but rather on the uniqueness of intentionally aging teas and blending vintages of different cultivars from various gardens to create exquisite expressions of Uji Matcha and Gyokuro.

In addition to the several prestigious Hekisuien blends of Matcha and Gyokuro that we offer, we are releasing an exclusive batch of Matcha produced for Rishi by Hekisuien that exude freshness, vibrancy, strength and high energy. The umami and deep resonance of taste is very unique and elegant. This amazing matcha blend combines the 2023 Ujihikari cultivar and the 2023 Asahi cultivar grown under traditional HONZU straw thatch shading cultivation. Each lot was harvested as young buds, giving this matcha blend a delicate floral aroma with depth and umami. Only 200 tins are available.


Uji, Kyoto, Japan

  • Imperial
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Traditional Tea Preparation

Sift 1 tsp (2g) into a chawan

Add 2.5 oz (75ml) water at 170°F (75°C)

Use a chasen to whip into a smooth, rich foam

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Kyoto, Japan

The small city of Uji is located on the southeast border of Kyoto and is renowned and widely considered to produce some of the best teas. The lower elevation tea gardens along the Uji River have warmer soil, which are favored when producing shade-grown teas like tencha and gyokuro.

Region Details


Southwestern Honshu, Japan


65-150 meters


May - June


Asahi, Ujihikari

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