Botanical Tea Gift Set
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Botanical Tea Gift Set
Botanical Tea Gift Set
Botanical Tea Gift Set

A selection of our finest loose leaf botanical teas - made with premium, naturally caffeine-free roots, fruits, flowers, seeds, barks, stems and leaves sourced from organic farms around the world, paired with a glass teapot to craft the perfect infusion. 

Set includes: 
- 400ml Fluted Simple Brew glass teapot 
- 1/4 Lb Turmeric Ginger loose leaf tea 
- 1/4 Lb Hibiscus Elderberry loose leaf tea
- 1/4 Lb Bergamot Rose loose leaf tea 
- 1/4 Lb Cinnamon Tulsi Spice loose leaf tea 

About This Product

Herbal teas and botanicals are a broad category that can include any steeped beverage that uses herbs, botanicals, fruits, flowers or spices. We source herbs from six continents, combining them into a range of complex blends inspired by equal parts ancient herbal wisdom and modern culinary innovation. Our award-wining herbal tea blends offer a range of flavors and functions for any taste or season.

In this gift set you will find a collection of some of our favorite botanical teas and a Simple Brew teapot, our versatile everyday teapot that is perfect for tasting your way through your herbal tea journey. Simply refer to the brewing instructions on each tea’s package to brew the finest cup of tea.


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