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Organic Loose Leaf Tea

Organic Loose Leaf Tea

Loose Leaf Tea creates the best possible infusion for a cup of tea. It is also the most sustainable way to purchase and consume tea.
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Shishito peppers, toasted sesame, magnolia
Robust strength and briskness, with a profound sense of Hui Gan
Fresh, flowery aroma and candied sweetness.
Notes of petrichor and wet slate, followed by hints of eucalyptus and camphor fragrance
aromas of spring meadows, chrysanthemums, elegant green teas, tart citrus and a unique herbal sweetness
A refreshing everyday green tea with a mild sweet flavor and pleasant roasted aroma


Rishi’s Direct Trade is defined by our active, personal relationships with tea growers and farmers around the world. We work directly with the producers and pay fair prices for the loose leaf tea they grow.

A delicate palate with aromas of lilac and orchid
This blend creates a youthful feeling, evoking the freshness of spring vegetables and tender green herbs, tied together with the lovely top note of sweet jasmine flowers.
A full-bodied and smooth breakfast blend with hints of sweet caramel and spice
Decadent cacao and creamy sarsaparilla with rich coconut and bittersweet dandelion root.
Roasted dandelion root provides a bittersweet cacao profile, which is enriched with fermented pu-erh and oolong teas. Saigon cinnamon simmers with sweetness, while lemon provides cleansing balance. Finishes with uplifting hints of rose geranium.
Muscatel character with ripe fruit notes of black raspberry marmalade, caramelized citrus, finishing with hints of rose and wildflower honey sweetness.